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thursday soundtrack – hey, momma rock me

wagon wheel – old crow medicine show
midnight train to georgia – gladys knight and the pips
where the streets have no name – u2
don’t go back to rockville – rem
downtown train – tom waits
king of the road – roger miller
postcard – buffalo tom
slow ride – foghat
trying to get to you – chris isaak
runnin with the devil – van halen
lake charles – lucinda williams
old shoes (and picture postcards) – tom waits
one for my baby (and one more for the road) – johnny mercer
highway to hell – ac/dc
holiday road – lindsay buckingham
one headlight – wallflowers
swim until you can’t see land – frightened rabbit
see america – grant lee phillips


Random Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again already?  How did that happen?

I can’t find my pen.

Read Outlander again?  Yes, please!

Oh dear.

Coordinate the building.  If I can get it to stand still …

What’s American Spoon?  My new battle cry?  American!  Spoooooooon!

Yeah, probably not.

If you missed this, you NEED, (yes, really, need) to listen.  Stunning.

diatomaceous earth

3 day low grade headache right in the front of my forehead and nothing is working.  *sob*

Surprise meeting!

This is what kills me about government.  The government only exists because we give it power.  At what point do we remove that power?  At what point are we able to eliminate programs that have proven time and again to be a massive waste of our money?  Like the TSA, for example.  I fully accept the fact that a government is necessary for the maintenance of (MINIMAL) infrastructure, protection of our borders, police, etc. and the collection of (SOME) taxes in order to pay for those things.  This government, though.  What we have right now.  It’s so massively out of control, so obscenely bloated and ineffectual … I don’t know.  It should terrify you.  It terrifies me.  TSA.  What a joke.

I dreamed the Mister and I were taking some shooting class and I had forgotten to replace the personal protection rounds in one of my magazines with practice rounds and he got all annoyed with me.


Don’t bring your knitting to gun class.

There is way too much mustard on my pita.

What is the fashion term for “I’m tired of my clothes?”

tea and cakes.  cakes and teas.

I’m always trying to type commerical instead of commercial.

What a nutty day.

Oh this is a lovely cuppa tea for sure.  Wish I could join in the tea party!

I wonder if I could get him here.

Oooh rainy afternoon.  I’m in such a good mood.

If I could get him to follow me on Twitter again, I could ask him.  Hmm …

genuine calrod

Extenuating circumstances!

click click click

Oh, the tea party looks fantastic!  Such a good job!

I’m so very ready for dinner.

Hi YA!


math math math math math

Because I’m insane, that’s why.  Because I’m just never going to graduate.

Your project is due when??

I should probably find a thing to put the stuff in.

What will happen to the zombies while I’m gone?

I have places to go!  People to see!

I just remembered an old NOFX song … perhaps you shouldn’t listen with the children.

I can’t believe I found that on Youtube.  I really didn’t expect to.

We’ll be together again, don’t you worry.


growing things

Miss W’s sunflower seedlings.  we’re growing all sorts of things these days.


“Everybody going to be dead one day, just give them time.”

forty~two. (skull)                                                                                                         ~anansi boys
neil gaiman


acorns and oak trees

last fall Miss W gathered some acorns.  she wanted to grow some oak trees.  so we wrapped them in damp paper towel, put them in a Ziploc bag, and hid them under the back porch all winter.  this week, we pulled them out.

they’ll stay in the pot in the house until the middle to end of may, then we’ll move them outside.  they should start sprouting some greenery in a few weeks (hopefully).  in the fall, we’ll plant them in the ground.



Random Wednesday

it’s been so long since you went away

Well there was no need to hiss.

Epic staff meeting day.

Sorry, I was feeling a little more Postcard from a Hooker and a little less Be True to Your School.

Ack!  Florescents.

It was my birthday.  I’m still open to cake.

It’s a love story, you see.

I did not bring donuts.  Someone should have brought donuts.  But not me.

This weather is not kind to my hair.  So hard not to chop it all off.

She said, “I hope you’re still writing.”  I don’t think this nonsense counts.

I don’t think anyone is going to notice what I put on my calendar.  Which is a shame.  Because it’s hi-larious.

Well.  It’s all in the delivery.

I watched the Tupac hologram (volume way low) and it creeped me the hell out.  Much like Michael Fassbender’s hair in Prometheus.  Robots are not to be trusted.

I have recommended the work of Neil Gaiman, my personal god, to three different people this week.  I’m linking because if you don’t know who he is by now, you need help.  Serious, serious help.


I want to be on that WhoSay site.  Mostly because in my own mind I’m entirely famous.  You know you want to know me.  (it’s ok to laugh.  i couldn’t even type it with a straight face.)

I think people freak out about dog eating because we keep dogs as pets.  It’s the same as horse meat.  Certain animals have somehow achieved a “sacred cow” status.  Sure, it’s gross that POTUS ate dog, but, seriously?  So fucking what?  At any rate, eating a dog is probably morally more questionable than strapping a dog to your roof.  There will never be commensurate outrage, but there sure is humor.

I don’t look that good in vests …

Oh man, I had to go back and catch up on Suri’s Burn Book and it’s awesome.

What a ridiculous thing to say.

Is it time for lunch yet?

Where the hell is everyone?

Argh.  I’m so frustrated with my hair.  I had a good month of awesome hair days and now I’m paying for it.

The Earth’s 400th birthday??  What???

Um.  Again.  What???

Ha hahahahahah ah ha

I don’t think I know you, dude.


fairy princess, don’t break your wings

I like this shirt.

people say

Oh dear Lord, yes.  Taco night.

Hell’s bells.  I am so hungry.



It reverberates in my skull, like a poorly aimed bullet, glancing off the curves and killing me incrementally.


we fall to the ground

expired polaroid film                                                                                                       ~six weeks
of monsters and men


we fall, we fall, we fall

forty~one. (debris)                                                                                                          ~six weeks
of monsters and men


My date with the Mister and Mark Steyn

I realized today that I never posted about this.  The Mister and I went on our annual date to see/hear Mark Steyn speak at Hillsdale College.  It’s a bit of a drive for us, but always worth it.  Steyn was as humorous as ever preaching his economic doom.  And, of course, he’s not generally far off the mark.  (No pun intended).


thursday soundtrack – i love you more’n my luggage

porchlight – buffalo tom
sworn and broken – screaming trees
you’re gonna miss me – 13th floor elevators
sorrow – the national
spring to kingdom come – flunk
trying to get to you – chris isaak
my life as a ghost – tanya donelly
the book of love – the magnetic fields
we all fight aka we will hate – gran bell fisher
love will tear us apart – joy division
she’s a rainbow – the rolling stones
9 crimes (demo) – damien rice
polar nettles – neko case
in no time – mutemath
hold on – tom waits
make my mind – screaming trees
a strange education – the cinematics
under your thumb – the vaccines

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