I see faces in this tree. Can you see them? I love this tree. It’s a very biggish oak at the end of my driveway. Sometimes, if it’s very windy, it makes us nervous to stand under it. Miss W fills her pockets with acorns waiting for the bus. The acorns end up in piles throughout the house. There are currently 10 or so on the bathroom counter.

I’m trying to find a Jeep to buy. I can’t take another MI winter with my stupid little sedan POS. I’ve wanted a Jeep for ages anyway. I’ve been looking on Craigslist. Shopping for cars on the interwebs just seems weird to me. I’m not very good at haggling, it makes me nervous. I’ve been successful at it, I just don’t like it. I got a great deal on some furniture by haggling. Anyway. I have to find one to haggle over first.

The night before last I dreamed that I was in 8th grade, but somehow, also, it was my birthday and I was turning 37. I had also just had my job interview and in the dream they came across my silly blog and wouldn’t hire me because I’m not liberal enough. A lot of anxiety happening there, I suppose.