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wm5637I was going to rebut some nonsense being said about me on the interwebs today, but I decided there wasn’t any point. Instead I’m going to post about the sweater I just finished, (which I don’t usually do, but really should), because it’s pretty and I’m quite pleased with it.

wm5609I had originally bought this yarn to knit Georgia. And I did. And I hated it. Well, I hated the way I knitted it up. I wore it once and then frogged the whole thing, soaked the yarn, and re-wound it. I’d still like to work Georgia up again some time, but with different yarn and in a smaller size. Despite my gauging and measuring, it was just too big.

The Tea Leaves Cardigan had been in my library for a while, and its similarity to the Ruched Yoke Tee that I made for Miss W last fall had me really wanting to make it. The Georgia yarn needed to be used – so I cast on. Does anyone else want to say casted? Shush, I never said it out loud. You can see the makings of a collar here.


This was a really quick knit. It would have been faster but I did the button bands twice because I wasn’t happy. I also had issues with the sleeves. I extended them to full length. I also didn’t like the way the garter cuff was knitting up, so I knitted that bit inside out and folded it back to create a stockinette cuff instead.

wm5613I don’t work with sock yarn much at all, and I’m not sure if I like it or not. I love how soft it is. I did Miss W’s Tee in sock yarn and adored it, but this yarn I’m not loving.

Regardless, I am happy with how it turned out in the end. It’s very comfy, very cute. I’ll make it again in another yarn, I think.



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