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Random Wednesday

It’s not Mackinack. That’s not how you say it.

Fuck. I utterly forgot about the BoT schedule.

I don’t really understand the Lizzo thing.

It’s shocking how many of these positions are requiring Master’s degrees when it clearly isn’t Master’s level work.

Quite sure I’ve said that before.

I have to relearn this stupid keyboard apparently.

My pants smell weird. Again.

This. Isn’t. Working.

Stop saying sportsball. You sound like a pretentious hipster who thinks you’re better than everyone else.

ARGH More new people. I don’t do well with new people.

That is not helpful.

No thank you.

I just do not get excited about knitting the way I used to. Thanks SJW mob.

Why is everybody always trying to make Finland sound so great?

I really truly deeply do not like my job.

Wow. Selling Alaska to the Russians. That’s even better than Guam capsizing.

I see the Psychedelic Furs are spending much of their US tour in Florida and Arizona. Where all the retirees are.

I don’t understand air plants.

Romeo and Juliet is not a romantic story.

Nice. Now I can’t read the Post Millennial without an account. I’m about done with you, internet.

Offered dream position. New budget model rips it out of my hands. I FUCKING HATE EVERYTHING.

I’ve woken up with this song in my head every day for weeks. WEEKS.

Maybe I’ll just end every sentence with a repeated phrase in all caps for emphasis. MAYBE.

My two hour meeting this afternoon just got canceled. So I got that goin’ for me I guess.

Well I guess this is going to be a short one. My suddenly free afternoon got filled with other crap. Of course.

OK, I definitely don’t think this is the right med for me.

Wow, she unfollowed all of my accounts. See ya.

My teeth hurt.

Theeth. Theet.


I borrowed it from the University of Michigan. I don’t think anyone’s ever checked it out before.

I can’t figure out how to do this.

I’m going to go drink now.



  1. phlegmfatale

    I love the stuffing out of Lizzo. She’s funny, clever, and unapologetic, all traits that I find endearing. I am amazed by some of the stuff she wears because I wouldn’t do that, but she’s having fun, so I’ll go with it.

    Currently completing my own Master’s, and I think places that require that for non-Master’s level work are doing so because they can and perhaps because of a glut of people with Master’s and higher level degrees. When I complete my degree, I’ll have had 5 semesters as Teacher of Record at my uni and will be qualified to teach at uni level, but I won’t bother, because I suspect the glut of candidates means they only even give serious consideration to applicants with PhDs. S’okay – I didn’t want a tenure-track position. I’d like to be an educator in a Junior or Community college, so, fingers crossed, there. Tightly.

    • AntiJenX

      I don’t think I’ve even heard a single Lizzo song. But I fully support unapologetic individuality!

      I was just having the same conversation at dinner last night about how I’ll just end up teaching in adjunct positions or, if I’m lucky, full time at a CC, which is fine with me. I just don’t have the energy to go after a PhD after this. In December I’m calling it quits. Except for one more certification ha ha. I’ll cross my fingers for both of us! They’re in the process of changing our university budget model here, so funding even for adjuncts is in question at this point 🙁

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