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Random Wednesday

I think Sinclair Lewis got it wrong.

It’s funny to me that so much of what progressives espouse is fascism wrapped in altruism, but they are wholly convinced it’s the right that are the authoritarians.

I can’t remember why I get these emails from Telegraph. It’s weird.

Nick Cave looks like the live action version of a Tim Burton claymation character. But also, he’s spot on.

First of all. Who carves pumpkins in their bedroom?

No, but really. Does no one else find it worth commenting on the fact that there is an intermission in the There Will Be No Intermission tour? Is she trying to be ironic?

This kind of stalled out. Death’ll do that to a girl I suppose.

I’d like to go to Rhinebeck some year.

And Scotland.

And Ireland.

And back to Norway.

And New Orleans.

I really don’t see what possible use I will have for this training. I’ve honestly tried. And I just cannot see it. Not in this context, anyway.

This is hilarious and true.

It’s not the body that bothers me.

Like I’ll ever own a vacation home.

Jesus. What is. Why. You’re an idiot.

Fun fact: Daddy Longlegs are arachnids, but not spiders.

Actually, my real dream would be to get an MLS with a focus in thanatology. I mean. Death Librarian. Come on.

Anyone want to be my wealthy benefactor and pay for my MLS? Anyone?

Anyone want to be my slightly less wealthy benefactor and pay for my ADEC membership? Anyone at all.

Stick with impunity.

OK. Where am I supposed to go?


It’s hard to jump back into this. My heart isn’t much in it.

Although. I suppose that’s silly. It’s more like I just don’t have the energy to spew my stupid thoughts out in this blank space.

I totally thought that was a close up of like a panther’s face or something. So weird.

My sleep is wonkier than ever.

By now you’ve likely gotten used to my not being here, and Random is but a distant memory.

Those three blondes are essentially identical. I wonder who made that casting decision.

There was another Charlie’s Angels movie? Why?

I’ve accomplished absolutely nothing this morning. Nothing. Not one thing.

You know what. I’m just going to go ahead and post whatever this is. No sense continuing to drag it out, trying to add to it. Make it more interesting somehow.

Gotta stop crying in the stupid bathroom.

The thing is.

I’m actually listening to my Christmas playlist right now. Try not to have a coronary.




  1. phlegmfatale

    I cry everywhere since losing Dad 8 months ago. I cry less these days, but it still just wallops me out of the blue, sometimes. I think it will get less frequent for you, but it takes as long as it takes. I promise that the crying is doing something for us, though I can’t say what. The process is A Thing.

    You’re right about Nick Cave.

    • AntiJenX

      Yeah, the crying is good. And it’s not just about the recent losses. There’s a whole universe of stress and anxiety and whatever else in there too. My mother in law used to say “better out than in” whenever someone was sick. She was right. Crying gets it out too.

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