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Random Wednesday

Ho-lee shit has it ever been busy today.

Also, once again, totally forgot today is Wednesday.

I’m tired of the politics around here. No more holding back. If you ask me, I’m going to tell you the truth. And the truth is, that bitch is out to get you.

something or other

I’ve been waiting for that stupid thing for months.

Stop being a dick about people being new to something, and maybe try to be helpful. You were new at everything once too.

It’s Muh-comb. Like “Bring me mah comb! Mah hair’s a mess!” Not Make-um. How do you look at Macomb and see Make-um?

Pretty much all of this. I noticed the other day that Stormageddon is already saying “Ope!” The 45 minutes at the door leave taking goes even further when it’s your grandparents who will continue talking to you til you’re at least half way down the driveway in your car. No lie.

Some gun nuts are entirely too nutty for me.

Man. There will never be any doubt that Stormageddon is my kid. Little weirdo.

I can’t read the title of the song “It Ain’t Me, Babe” without singing it in my head. I can only read it in song.

Michigan needs to get on this wagon. Right. Now.

I want this.

Hey, thanks for making Michigan look super classy, Rashida.

Stop trying to take this away from me.

If you’re going to be buried out west, I’m going to need a plane ticket.

Well. This should be an interesting semester.

Januhairy? Um. A world of no.

Stop spreading false narratives. You’re making absolutely everything worse.

Oh Christ. Here we go.

Why both a rod and a staff?

I would rather clean my toilet than read this book.

I would do this on the bus that I pay for with my taxes if the bus that I pay for with my taxes came anywhere near my bloody house so I could ride the bloody thing since I pay for it with my taxes.

I wouldn’t call it technology related memory loss. I’d say the memory is never formed in the first place if you’re relying on technology from the outset.

Wait, was that the season finale of Travelers?? Gotta say, that dude was easily my least favorite character.

Beta males need not apply.

Whelp. It’s a good day for this mac and cheese, that’s for sure.

Stupid snow.

And just like that, I forgot it was Wednesday again.

I was feeling pretty good about the plan. Today I am feeling kind of daunted by the plan.

I don’t like the word daunted. It sounds whiny.

blue blue blue blue blue blue blue

i can be a complicated communicator

I’m hungry and I want to go home.

Yeah, I’m totally hooked on Lost Dog Street Band. Thanks, Old Man.

Except I can’t get on board with that name. There are better names.

No, really. I’m hungry.

This drive is going to take much longer than usual.

There’s nothing to see here.

Move along.

No, really. I’m doing a book blog. I need to get the URL. I’ve already drafted the first post. I’ll move all the book posts over there too. Probably. Maybe.

Why do I constantly add new projects to my life? I do not have this much time.


Owwwwwwwwwwwwww I am reasonably certain my knee is absolutely not supposed to do that.


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  1. red

    a rod and a staff are completely different implements. pffft. you’d think you’d never read a dresden book or something.

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