These social distancing photos are getting boring. Here’s some Halloween love because it’s JENTOBER!!!!

A special message from a band I like? Is it about voting?? Gosh I sure hope it’s about voting!

Seems like after a while, any idiot beating their head against a wall might start to think “ouch.”

I said two thousand twenty twenty by mistake. But honestly.

How are any of you OK with this? ANY of this??

Interesting. 40.2% of Michiganders are gun owners. pew pew

If there is one thing we can all agree on in these trying times, it’s that Ibram Kendi and Robin DiAngelo are  both racist dicks.

This is hilarious.

Everybody dies.

I am no longer used to long staff meetings. This one is feeling particularly tortuous.

Wow, I haven’t touched Dreamweaver in years.

I can assure you, once again, that if I don’t like a politician, it has absolutely nothing to do with their gender, and absolutely everything to do with their policies.

I don’t find Henry Cavill attractive.

Huh. I. Huh.

I need a nap. Or probably I should take my don’t fall asleep meds.

Maybe some music would help.

Holy shit you guys.

This is the least number of tabs I’ve had open since the beginning of the semester.

Why is my nose running?

Our students seem to call everybody who teaches “Dr.” whether they have a PhD or not. I’ve even been called Dr. and at the time, I didn’t even have a Master’s. … Of course I still don’t have a Master’s but only til December.

I totally forgot the Barenaked Ladies even existed.

This is hysterical, and accurate, but I still love Mumford and Sons.

“How are we to know why democracy is good without historical examples? How are we to know the limits of democracy without historical examples? How are we to understand and appreciate the notion of individual rights without historical examples? How are we to understand that democracy and individual rights are not the same but are, in fact, in tension with each other, without historical examples?”

Yes, I am listening to Semisonic. Don’t judge me.

Why does my arm hurt.

I don’t think this is happening today.

I should compile every Random in one volume and take this site down for good. That’s like 400+ Randoms on your bookshelf. You could pull it down at random intervals and randomly select pages.

I’d rather get texts from Kevin Costner than Misha Collins.

Look. I was going to try to post today, but it just didn’t work out. I’ll try again tomorrow.

If you don’t understand why these court decisions were exactly the right decisions, then I don’t know. Maybe move to North Korea or something. You might feel more comfortable there.

It’s not like this shit is easy for me either.

OFFS. Fucking idiots.

Mike Pence didn’t do anything in that debate with Harris that he wouldn’t have done in a debate with a man. Stop pretending Harris is a victim. Stop infantilizing women with this bullshit. It’s disgusting.

WTAF, Michigan. The rampant stupidity is starting to get a little embarrassing.

Well. Let’s shoot for Friday, shall we?

Stop telling me we’re all in this together. We are not.

Can you still call them “alleged” views if you’re sharing video of him actually espousing said views? Everything you don’t like is not Hitler. It’s not Trump. It’s not alt-right. It’s not even slightly right. Stop ignoring truth in order to progress your narrative.

Also don’t fucking plot to kidnap people, that’s just shitty.

If his jacket covers it, it’s no longer considered openly carried. It’s considered concealed, so unless he has a CPL/CCW, he would technically be breaking the law.

I don’t know the first thing about transplanting a hydrangea.

Well. That works.

There’s a midterm next week and I have absolutely no earthly idea WTF it’s on.

Suddenly we’ve become a country obsessed with safety. We’re becoming fragile. Brittle. Breakable.

“To suggest the necessity of a Bill of Rights amounted to implying that the people, through their elected representatives, would destroy their own liberties.” Well, yeah.

True of false?

I should have had a lot more children.

I could have happily gone my whole life without seeing naked self righteous celebrities explain mail in voting to me as if I were a 5 year old. First of all, get fucked. Second, this shit isn’t that hard. Third, I don’t trust anyone, I’ll vote in person, thank you very much.

Any day a staff meeting is canceled is a good day, by golly.

The thing is, literally no one “celebrates” Columbus Day. So calm down, ma’am.

Oh suddenly Amanda Palmer is a death expert. JEEESus with this woman.

Fuck it. I got a thing.