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Random Wednesday

These are not good eggs.

Well that’s the thing with bloody talking decapitated cyclops heads.

OMG Jason Isaacs will be a Captain in the new Star Trek series. I looooooove him. I’m so excited about this!!

Holy hell. So. Much. Want.

Wait. There’s such a thing as a Buffy Studies Scholar? I want that job!!!!

We shouldn’t need 15 minutes of debate over whether or not “upper classMEN” is offensive and what should be used in its stead. This should not be what we are concerned with.

Knitting and Scotland. It’s like a beautiful dream.

I think we all need a Thomas Jane moment. OK, I just remembered his weird no shoe thing. So. Yeah. Let’s move on.

“Michigan is drinking some micro brew and playing Euchre while trying to conjure up nice things to say about Detroit.”

I don’t know. I just don’t like that word. It just seems like there could be a more creative, stronger word.

I’m sorry.

Wow. OK.

Every time I look out the window I am surprised to see the snow. You’d think I’d know better. I’ve lived here my whole life.

I really don’t think it’s necessary for Outlook to crash every day. Maybe try every other day for a while, see how that goes. Just a thought.

Biggby birthday specials?? Yes please! Hello 24 oz chai latte for $1.99.

It’s possible that I need this shirt.

Yeah, I’d prefer not to spearhead anything, thanks very much. I’m not really a “spearheader” kind of person.

My brain still always thinks the Ides of March is the 11th, not the 15th. I have absolutely no idea why.

I think it’s the ones. 11.

Shut up.

I miss you. And you. And also you. And I’m not forgetting you either.

Dammit. I think I screwed this up.

Every time you say “livin’ the dream,” I get Sturgill stuck in my head.

That was a nice way to end Rectify.

Yeah, I have no idea what happened there, but it made me el oh el for a good 2.5 minutes.

Wait. It wasn’t a cyclops.

Oh good. I did not screw this up.

You are blinded by your own enlightenment.

That photo proves nothing.

I’m not sure what that last statement says about me.

These Triscuits might be a bad idea.

Man. I’ve been wanting to close these blinds for actual years. I’m so glad I finally did it.

I need my Friday music playlist on Spotify right now. That’s just how it is.


Harry, our job is simple.


Posting early might be working for me right now. Continuing this into the evening tends to be problematic. You’re welcome.

No one needs that much of my disjointed rambling anyway.

I’m not a crazy woman!

But what’s with hipsters and floral prints?

That’s the first time I’ve actually Googled that. Wow.

What the bitch?

It’s sort of lazily snowing and it is pissing me off.

Great. Now that song is stuck in my head.

Alas, I must away.


Random Wednesday

It is cold in here. Sheesh.

Scent is important. It’s hard to like you when I don’t like the way you smell.

It’s a shame that Finder show didn’t get more than one season. It’s fun. Of course I can’t picture it without Michael Clarke Duncan.

Actually, I can see both perspectives of a Necker cube simultaneously.

either way

We’re not gonna talk about Judy.

I want Bea Arthur’s house. Wow.

I don’t actually want to know that much about just about anybody.

I’m a libertarian. Please allow me to leave you the fuck alone.

Which First Lady are you? Eleanor Roosevelt. You’re an inspirational soul. People come to you for advice because you possess a wisdom beyond your years.

What. I have two words for you, chickens. Birth. Day.

Oh right. I need to get those letters done.

Because evidently she is a crazy lady.

Don’t steal stuff. It’s not cool.

I marched today. I marched right to my office. Because I am a responsible adult with mouths to feed and bills to pay.

I still love the Black Hawk Down soundtrack.

Who the hell is Caitlin Moran and why does she think she knows what girls should and should not read?

I got the socialization question again. And they always phrase it like “But aren’t you worried … ?” Well, if I were, I’d probably be acting on it. And if I were, I’m still convinced the answer to socialization does not lie in public schooling. Or private schooling. Or formal schooling of any kind. In fact, I’m probably more worried about how well socialized your children are than I am about mine.

Argh. Stupid power. Think I’ll just have to post early again this week, then.

No, no, no. That completely defeats the purpose of Doc Martens altogether.

I gotta get a new battery for that thing.

Gorram wind is tearing my house to bits. I can’t be having this gorram wind tearing my house to bits.

No, really. Am I marking the pattern easy because at my skill level I think it’s easy, or because I think it will be easy for others? I do not like this feature, Ravelry. It confuses me! I’m probably overthinking it.

This is a really great interview with Jonathan Haidt and Frank Bruni which addresses the severe and alarming lack of diversity of thought on college campuses, among other things.

GAH. Don’t DO that! I thought I screwed this up and I didn’t. You changed it. Stop freaking me out like that!!

Why do I think I know her?

I hate hiring. So very much.

Is this link gonna take me to that stupid map again? Because that map is not telling me when they’re going to have my power back on.

I hate it when the power goes out.

Yeah, you’re really not using Instagram correctly at all.

I’d walk down to Biggby for a chai, but the wind is likely to blow me away.

Or it would. If I wasn’t fat. From consuming things like chai.

Do I get to teach. Do I not get to teach. This is ridiculous. I can come up with better things to do with my time if you’re not going to let me teach. Really. I have all kinds of hobbies.

Bleah. I’m feelin’ a little crappy.

This website is pissing me off.

Dammit! I keep thinking it’s Thursday.

OK. Ridiculous wind. Migraine. Pick up pizza. At least the generator is going. Sheesh. Thanks, Wednesday.

Funny how often I let that happen. I should knock that shit off.

Well then.

Well. Then.

Random Wednesday

Sorry, you’re stuck with me again.

634 is resuming soon though. I’ll have more non me photos coming I guess.

I just liked this one though.

OK, maybe I should break away from the National for a minute. Sheesh.

“We will win an election when all of the seats in the House and Senate and the chair behind the desk in the Oval Office and the whole bench of the Supreme Court is filled with people who wish they weren’t there.” ~ P.J. O’Rourke

Yes! I found the sarcastic catalogue blog I was trying to remember.

I kind of wish we had a Sunday dinner like the Reagans. But we’d probably kill each other.

I love you, internet friends.

That actually sounds kind of horrific.

I know this placemat is old, but I just found out about it, and I had to share it because I think it is hi-larious that HARVARD misspelled Islamophobia.

OMG please. PLEASE. Please stop saying swag. Please stop using swag as an adjective. Please just stop.

Halle Berry’s Oscar hair was perfection.

And that’s just about all I have to say about the Oscars.

Natalie Merchant let her gray grow out. It looks good. I wish mine would grow faster. I felt that “dye me now!” twinge start in yesterday.

Huh. They didn’t get that emotional about the other ICC chick that died.

I don’t eat plums. But my dad is a plumber. That’s not a riddle.

I started re-watching Twin Peaks. The Norwegians are leaving! The Norwegians are leaving!

I can’t take all your deactivating reactivating once a day. I don’t need that kind of instability in my life. Either quit FB or don’t, but quit acting like you’ve got some kind of moral high ground when you can’t even stay away for a full 24 hours.

I should definitely be writing more.

“If it walks like a duck, it’s a biker gang?”

OMG I love these socks, but I am not paying $25 for them. Also I want this shirt. I’d be more inclined to buy the shirt. Seems like a better decision money wise. Not that I’m buying anything. But I do have a birthday coming up. Just. You know. Throwin’ that out there.

I think I got Slim Jim in my hair.

I was thinking about giving up carbs for Lent, but then I remembered I’m not a practicing Catholic, and I laughed heartily in relief.

Going by these cop/murder shows, I have to say, if I were a cop, I’d carry two cell phones. Sheesh.

It’s a repository.

Of story.


How is it March already?

No one wants to start their day with that. No one. Obviously except you.

Wow. Marathon meeting. Whee.

It’s always Prague. Why is it always Prague? I’m going to have to get myself there someday to see what the hell is so exciting about Prague.

We had a rescue goat. He thought he was a dog. They’re not very smart animals. He was old and he ate literally everything. He died.

Her voice is making me feel lonely.

See all buying options.

Nope. Gonna have to find a way out of that one. Can’t do it.

I shouldn’t complain so much. Maybe I’ll stop complaining for Lent. Even though I’m not a practicing Catholic anymore.

And maybe a few carbs too.

I really hate it when the paperback is cheaper than the Kindle version.

Long day today. Very. Long. Day.

I’m reasonably certain this qualifies as professional development.

Holy wow. Now that is a weird coincidence. Very very weird.

Stop looking at yarn, jentober.

I don’t automatically prefer anyone. I dislike everyone equally.

I’d love to join the Miss Bracken knitalong, but I am not paying $120 bux for Brooklyn Tweed. So I think I’ll just sit this one out.

Dammit! I can’t communicate solely through Bitmoji if the app has decided not to work anymore! Curses! CURSES!

I really do love Halle Berry’s Oscar hair.

I really wish you’d respond to this email, dude.

Yeah, I don’t know. That Scarpetta stuff just got waaaaay too weird.

Well it least it’s not lacking in quantity today, even if I am posting early.

I definitely wore the wrong coat today.

I definitely need more caffeine.

I’m definitely glad tonight is a panel and I don’t have to lecture about anything.

I’m definitely not gonna slam this Diet Dr. Pepper.

I’m for sure gonna stop talking now.

Random Wednesday

Well. There you go then.

Just because you aren’t happy with the way something works doesn’t mean it’s “broken.” It just means you didn’t get your way.

Trying to find a new series to watch on Netflix. This quiz tells me I should be watching Supernatural. Yeah, that’s not helpful.

I have no professional goals. I have no professional ambition. I’ve officially reached the stage of giving up.

I keep looking at the political science course offerings for fall. Because I’m a crazy person and evidently there are still classes I want to take.

But I won’t.

I have your Thin Mints.

Carolina Herrera. Class act.

The legend of King Arthur used to be one of my favorites.

Actually, I think it still is.

Did that kid just ask for the “vice dean”?

I guess the sign shop needs a proofreader. ooph.

I just don’t like eating that early. It throws my whole protein schedule off. Plus I’m not usually hungry then.

I have no idea what’s going on.

good morning good morning good morning good morning good morning

Don’t forget your cookies!

Maybe I should quit FB.

Maybe I should quit FB and politics and empathy and making an effort and all the things.

Get off my lawn while you’re at it.

“You are a Libertarian: As a Libertarian, you support maximum liberty in both personal and economic matters. You advocate a much smaller government; one that is limited to protecting individuals from coercion and violence. You tend to embrace individual responsibility, oppose government bureaucracy and taxes, promote private charity, tolerate diverse lifestyles, support the free market, and defend civil liberties.”


No. No I will not be staying for your lecture.

What the hell is a sell sheet?

Well at least we’re not on that list.

That is a particularly horrible way to go, really.

I need music. But I don’t know what kind.

That does it. I’m shooting film this weekend. Dammit.

Sure wish I still had that Yashica though. sigh.

Oh brother.

Still no music.

Wow, that just does not even make the slightest bit of sense.

I totally forgot about my tea. Now it’s room temperature.

Oh yes. The Pixies. Perfect.

perfect perfect perfect

I should’ve learned to play an instrument.

I should’ve become an actor.

I should’ve written a book.

I should’ve finished college the first time.

I should’ve written more letters.

I should’ve sent letters even though no one ever writes back.

I should’ve been wired nicer, friendlier, more outgoing, less introspective introverted misanthropic.

I should’ve been more likeable.

Maybe. Possibly. Never mind.

I love keyboard shortcuts.


Aw! These pix are so great!

Ah. Right. I was just reminded why I never buy anything from Wool and the Gang. So. Many. Dollars. Or We Are Knitters for that matter.

Also go away Krysten Ritter!

I can’t believe you’re making me go by myself.

Why don’t I remember Tom Selleck appearing in nine episodes of Friends??

blah blah blah

I’m thinking of conversing solely in Bitmoji for the rest of my life.

Can I go home now?


Pish. Like I’ll even win. Pipe dream. It’s an honor just to be nominated etcetera etcetera.

WordPress wants me to correct etcetera to tetrameter.

I don’t think he’s going to eat that.

Oops. Poked publish instead of preview.


This kid is never going to go to sleep tonight. He’ll be up til dawn. I may need to go sleep in his room. Leave him to the wolves.

And by wolves I mean Trollhunters on Netflix.

HA! “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” — H. L. Mencken

I’ve never seen that Mencken quote before. He said/wrote that in 1920.

I gotta catch up on Blacklist.

I don’t know why that “ask me anything” link is even there. It’s not like anyone ever actually asks me anything.

Why do they call those cookies Samoas?

They just should stop making them bite sized.

I, too, hope they serve tacos in hell.

Haven’t even knitted a stitch. Oy.


Hey Ferb, Iknowwhatwe’regonnadotoday

Um. So you’re not upset about the implied violence of a barbed wire wrapped bloody baseball bat, but you’re outraged by the childhood phrase “eeny meeny miney moe”.

And you wonder why I don’t like people.

I think you are eminently more likeable than I.

I really need to take my contacts out.

What is it with hipsters and floral prints.

I want sleeeeeeeeeep.





Learning the ins and outs of Excel is just really not terribly exciting.

cos they keep croaking

Random Wednesday

There’s one from a few years back. When I was skinny.

I miss being skinny.


I’m rather fond of red and black together, but part of me is afraid that it seems too communist.

I just want to stay at home. That’s all. The older I get, the more difficult it is to people.

She is treacherous.

I need to get that stuff framed.

Me: “Ha ha ha. Playboy’s going nude again.”
B: “‘No one will ever make a worse business decision than NEW COKE,’ said the world. ‘Hold my beer,’ said Playboy.”

Sometimes I find myself resisting a possible knit just because so many other people are knitting it. It’s like a reflex.

I always was a quiet rebel.

More like nerdy rebel.

It’s just that this song has been stuck in my head since I started the Timber Cardigan.

Ben Affleck doesn’t want to be Batman anymore. Why? Because he’s ready to admit that it was the worst casting choice ever?

There is no diversity of thought here.

Which frozen lunch shall we consume today?

more sigh.


Somebody is always going to be marginalized.

This post is depressing the hell out of me. Let’s take a break.

I can’t buy tickets today anyway.

And let’s be honest. It’s not like I’ll even actually go. I never go.

Oh! You can get that photo on a variety of items in my Society 6 shop. If you were interested.

That and many other photos.

That actor’s name is Clayne?? I never knew his name. I just knew there was something about him that rubs me the wrong way. I don’t like him at all.

Oh right. I have a Neil Gaiman meeting today.

I keep forgetting it’s Wednesday.

Well. It is random.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be less depresso.

Maybe I’m becoming agoraphobic. But only if the outside involves other people.

Would it be a problem? Would it be a problem? Would it be a problem?

My hip hurts.

OK that is not working.

Hello Thursday.

I suspect I don’t feel much better today than I did yesterday. But I’m going to pretend that isn’t the case.

Well I’ve never really been a proponent of gen eds, to be perfectly honest.

This Diet Dr. Pepper tastes weird. That makes me sad.

Wait. This is a second Diet Dr. Pepper. From a completely different source. And it also tastes weird. This makes me sadder. Because evidently, it is me, and not my beverage.

Yay! I’m going!!! I can’t even remember the last concert I went to. Was it Chris Isaak? It might actually have been.

I don’t know how to give up carbs. My life would feel so empty.

still more sigh.

Still not a sock knitter.

Lunch just kind of snuck up on me.

And why isn’t it Friday, anyway??

Putting this off a day certainly has not added to the quality overmuch.

I’m going to have to get more Slim Jims.

Uh oh. No internet at home. Maybe I’ll just go ahead and post this before I leave then.

I am definitely taking fair week off this year. None of this back and forth business. I’ll need to use up some time anyway.

All the funny stuff. All of it.

lost in translation

I’m taking my birthday week off. Because I can.

I can’t wait for this weekend’s weather. I’m so tired of my winter wardrobe.

Tomorrow should be a nice quiet day.

I’m boring myself to death.

To. Death.

I wish I enjoyed running.

Oh good. A whole entire seminar on the wage gap. I’m betting they won’t mention how it’s been debunked.

Yeah, I’m not taking the world without a woman thing day off from my life.

lock the doors

ok. I know. I’m sort of sorry. Kind of.



further sigh.


Random Wednesday

it’s got nothing to do

Just tryina think up a damn hell bathroom blurb. I got nothin.

My Instagram stopped posting to my Tumblr. And I can’t figure out why.

I’d still like to check out This is Us.

Please. I wish I had Lady Gaga’s belly.

I can never remember if I’ve already taken the Bs. Did I just take it twice? I don’t know!

Every time I see that “resist” business posted somewhere I get the Pixies stuck in my head.

I just realized I don’t have meatloaf for lunch today. I’m not sure what to do with myself.

Also I keep thinking it’s Thursday, which is problematic.

What the hell, Cognos?

It’s OK. I don’t actually care if you hate me.

It’s possible that I need that dress.

People actually listen to Verve Pipe?

I wish I was more gifted at writing letters of recommendation. Those bastards are hard.

There is no reason on this Earth that you cannot figure this out for yourself.

This day might need a second Biggby. Except I don’t have time for a second Biggby.

Someone kill this day off now.

If I put this lunch on my calendar are you actually going to show up?

Oh letters.

Maybe social media should be dead.

No social media. Letters. Film. I’m an analog girl living in a digital world.

I stole that line from Neil Gaiman.

Except can I keep texting? On account of I don’t actually like talking on the phone.

I’m itchy. Stupid dry air.

I like that photo.

An. An alligator. Not A alligator. AN.

It’s hard to be haunted.

Wait wait waitwaitwait. This is too rich. All these leftists who are against school choice are threatening to homeschool. I cannot. You’re killing me.

The older I get, the more I am inclined to do things just to piss people off. Y’all need to calm the hell down.

As for me, I’ll continue to homeschool. Thank you very much.

I meant what I said about school choice last week.

Stop automatically making new people “top friends,” Goodreads. First of all, I don’t even know what that means. Secondly, all of them are equal or something – mostly because I have know idea what that means.


Ah Sade. I love you, woman.

I could do without this rapping.

I am very particular about my lip balm.

I can’t get this damn gas smell out of my nose. ARGH.

Oops. Almost forgot the laundry.

I don’t want to go til this Peter Gabriel song is over.

i’ll tell them what the smile on my face meant

Dammit! My clothes still smell like gas. Have to wash them again. Dammit!!

This kid and his completely bizarre sleeping patterns. He’s trying to kill me. I know he is.

I should replace this toaster.

I want a new treadmill.

I would love a box of succulents, thank you.

Maybe I should go back to Twitter. hahahahahaha just kidding.

This whole Krysten Ritter the knitter thing is kind of bugging me.

What is with hipsters and floral prints??


Did you eat the last unicorn?

Maybe I should knit nothing but ponchos from now until I die.

Look. I know. But it’s out of control. It’s mass hysteria. It’s like a pandemic of lunacy. It’s exhausting.

Please leave me out of this.

I need to find that book.

fffffffffffff WTF is that??

It’s interesting to be reading GWB’s chapter on choosing staff and his process while Trump is in the process of choosing his administration. Very very different men. GWB is a pretty smart fella.

I feel like I need to remind you at this point that I did not actually vote for GWB.

And also, still a libertarian.

And also, still a political scientist.

Oh man. Good stuff.

I should have started this stupid laundering the gas out laundering earlier. … course I wasn’t home with gas on me earlier …

I need a break from the world.

Random Wednesday

It is a truth universally acknowledged that I am not a people person.

Yep. Still true.

I remembered it was Wednesday. I just forgot it was the first.

OMG They need to bring Unhappy Hipsters back from the dead.

My hair looks like shit today. Which is annoying.

OMFG I can’t. I need to quit this job and stay home forever.

If you are against school choice, everything you ever say about helping children in poverty succeed academically so that they can move toward a better life is nothing but bullshit.

Sometimes I’m a genius.

Every once in a while I really miss mass. Like I get this urge to start going again. To go to confessional (boy would that be a long ass list). The ritual, the mystery. I miss it.

Eventually I come to my senses. But still.

My feet are hot. There’s nothing I hate more than when my feet are hot.

I really should not have had that coffee. I really should just accept the fact that I can’t drink coffee at all anymore and get on with my life. It’s really not a great loss.

I think reading this qualifies as professional development. I’m pretty sure.

I don’t understand what this woman is saying.

Stop rolling your eyes at me Krysten Ritter.

I was trying to type commendation and typed condemnation. I wonder what that says about me.

I wish I’d said yes to John T. when he asked me to dance in high school instead of the flat no I gave him instead. I didn’t know his home life wasn’t the best and what would it really have cost me to say yes? That’s one of the things I regret in my life. I could have been a little nicer in that moment, and I wasn’t. I will always feel shitty about that.

I guess I need to learn how to remove wallpaper and get to work on that bathroom. Maybe I can replace the carpet with tile too, while I’m at it. hahahahahaha right.

I’m sorry, Jodi Picoult. I think my love for you has waned.

I need to stop making such terrible food choices.

Wow. Ok. Tex.

I know you want to know.

I have a weird pain in my side boob. I hate random weird boob pain.

Well it’s true. I do have my moments.

I feel like I can never wear my kitty hat again. I should take it to the Goodwill or something.

Or burn it.

What was that other site with the catalogs? Like hipsters but in catalogs. With lots of passive aggression.

Goals. I don’t have any goals. I had a couple of goals. I met them. Now I just want to be left alone to suffer in silence. Is that so much to ask?

Wait. What??

I do not know what I will do when I run out of Blue Bloods episodes to watch.

Maybe I should go back to school.

Well your schedule link is broken. Which does not help me.

Yeah, I don’t actually care, so …

Oh Facebook, you wretched thing.

I think this book is having the opposite effect on me that it is supposed to. It might be making me homicidal.

I feel like I need a snack.

you’re miss misery. that’s all that you’ll ever be.

How progressive.


I hate this stupid enamel tea kettle.

OK. Giving up.

Random Wednesday

Antlers from the archives for you.

Maybe I should try finishing Lonesome Dove.

Best The National album – High Violet or Alligator? I can’t decide.

I would very much like to travel more.

Since that’s not likely to happen, I would very much like more post cards.

I need to finish up this film and send it in.

We have a copier doon. I repeat. We have a copier doon.

Theses just sounded too much like feces.

I’m just glad no one asked me to knit them a pussy hat. I would have had to not laugh as I found a polite way to say I love you, but fuck no.

I don’t know what I just added to my dictionary, but I did not mean to do it.

I do love me some C-Span.

I thought it said “The Existential A Line”. It didn’t even seem weird.

An awful lot of people who don’t have children are always chiming in about how BAD school choice is, or how BAD homeschooling is. I’m sorry, but I just don’t think your opinion means a damn thing.

I see many found their way around that particular clause and wore kitty hats I knitted them years ago. DAMMIT!

I already told you I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Why can’t you let it die? YOU DON’T HAVE CHILDREN.

I think Barron Trump is a cutie. I was dying when he was playing peekaboo with his baby nephew.

I also thought GWB was adorable and hilarious with his rain poncho. He looked like he was able to chuckle at himself as well.

The internet made me so exasperated all weekend, and it’s just continuing.

Trump hasn’t chosen a photographer yet? GWB’s photog was at the Inauguration. He had a funny story about getting in the wrong vehicle to go to the next venue.

I would actually love to buy that kit with that exact colorway and make that shawl. But I am not the kind of girl who just has $157 lying around waiting to be thrown out the window.

And now I want a Checker El Camino.

Wow. Facebook has truly become straight up insufferable. I mean it was bad before. But it’s just out of control now. I stick my head in there and just turn around and leave.

None o’ my bidness.

Captain America always seemed pretty libertarian to me.

Head. Ow. fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

I guess I’ll just have a turkey club thing.

I keep forgetting to take my vitamins. I’m terrible.

Who the hell are these people? I have absolutely no memory of these people. And my graduating class was tiny. Far too small for me to have no memory of these people.

Holy shit this week has flown. How is it Thursday?

Of course I thought it was Thursday on Tuesday. That sucked.

You know they’re trained to be friendly and courteous. They don’t actually like you.

And that, folks, is why you never schedule a fasting blood draw for the end of your day.

Happy 180th birthday, Michigan. You’re still the best state in the Union.

How do I have 122 messages in my junk folder? Sheesh.

Your lotion or whatever it is that you use to cover up the fact that you smoke, which you think no one knows, is 100% awful. A.W.F.U.L.

So. Much. Dumb.

Of course now that it’s Thursday, Thursday does not appear to be willing to flipping end.

Wait. Do staff get hats??

Apparently we do.

Oh I remember why I wanted that yarn conversion info. Meters to yards.

Hello, Fioricet, you lovely thing.

“The man. The myth. The moustache.” I thought they were talking about Tom Selleck, but they were talking about John Stossel. el oh el.

“Will liberals learn to love the 10th  Amendment?” ha ha ha I would not be at all surprised.

Will there be donuts at this march?

Those black and whites are far too dark and muddy.

I love you, Reason Magazine.

I should be working on swatching for the Timber cardigan.

Oh my God I hope that’s true.

Whatever. I don’t need to teach your stupid class.

I never eat at Chili’s anyway.

Stop fondling my hamburger.

Sales of 1984 are suddenly up. Now that is hilarious.

I don’t know what to make of this show Bloodline, but I do like the instrumental soundtrack.

Crap. I’m going to have to order some size 9s and some size 10s.

OK. I need to . .. . …..

Random Wednesday

I can’t believe I just left my tea sitting there.

Proof I’m completely out of whack this week.

It’s real. It’s finally, truly, really real. We’re getting a Chick-fil-A. *sniff* I’m so happy.

I think I need to make a Biggby run.

Maybe I’ll just go get a Diet Pepsi.

Diet Pepsi is closer. And cheaper. Diet Pepsi wins.

This time.

Nope. Still weird to hear people call me “Professor Townsend.” Good weird. But weird.

Stand up, Allison Reynolds!

I wish he’d be more genuine nice instead of therapist nice. I always feel like I’m in trouble for something.

But I don’t like almonds.

I can’t wait til this women’s march is over and we can move on to some other drama. This is getting boring.

Maybe I should move the new 52 weeks project to my more professional site. Feels weird here for some reason.

Shhhhh! This is the secret!

I don’t know.

I don’t know what I’m doing.

Stop looking at yarn, jentober.

I can’t read this book. It’s all preachy and self-righteous and ADHD and I haven’t even made it through chapter 1. I thought when I finished school there would be no more “have to” reading.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with this assignment. In fact, I think it’s kind of fantastic.

A whole lot of nothin’.

Wow. That is a serious lot of money for a bag.

I already said thanks. I don’t feel like I should have to thank you again.

I feel like you need music today. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I need music today.

i remember your face

I almost just started talking about Chick-fil-A again. That is how excited I am.

Yeah I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with this form.

I don’t know, but this cinnamon thing is really really good.

I can’t. The rage.

And then it stalled.

Wait, how is it 3:00 already?

I had to throw my socks away. That is so weird. I’m glad I put the heel grabber thingies in these Docs or I’d be hurting right now with my bare feet.

the blisters!

I think I’m going to fail at sharing music today. Well. Sorry.

i don’t even know if i

Hey it’s Riley Finn!

I don’t think I was too harsh. Was I too harsh?

OMG she is the biggest pain in my ass.

What a nice letter.

I did Google it. I’m not an idiot.

Noooooooooooooooooo with the napping. No. I can’t take another night of zero sleep, kid.

How do I not have a Misfits t-shirt? Clearly this should be a part of my wardrobe.

But why on Earth would I do that?

I never want to capitalize earth. Why on earth.



This could be a mistake.

jen, nothing matters to me

Mistakes were made.

What am I listening to???

I don’t know bud.

My hair is even more of a disaster than usual this week.

i’m sick of the cynical

I really need to finish that Joe Pernice book. I don’t remember why I never went back to it. I should just start over from the beginning.

Which reminds me.

I haven’t heard

Did they spell failure wrong purposely? Because that is really annoying either way.

I feel like I wished I liked baseball. But I don’t think that could possibly be true.

I need to take these contacts out.

What the hell am I wearing tomorrow?

It is hard to like your wardrobe when you don’t much like the way you look at the moment. sigh.

It is not looking like I’ll be getting any knitting done this evening.

Yeah. I think I need some sleep.

is that weird?

Random Wednesday


Eh. I was hoping that video would be funnier.

Gah my hands are so dry.

this is our last dance

These socks are problematic with these shoes. But gosh they’re cute.

How about just raising your kids not to be assholes? That doesn’t seem too complicated.

Nobody says that. It’s not 1983. Stop saying that. You say that and I keep expecting you to pipe up with “mimeograph machine” or something.

Sometimes you just

I wish I had some Triscuits today.

I do not like this moisturizer. I don’t like the way it smells.

Yeah that whole last paragraph sums it up for me. People for real need to stop freaking out about every tiny little thing.

Sometimes a cupcake is just a cupcake.


Now I want cake.

How has it been a whole entire year since Bowie died?

and i absolutely love you

I feel like I did something stupid, but I’m completely certain that I did not do anything stupid.

Unnecessarily complicated.

This situation requires food.

This place is too small for that.


Well that was confusing.

That is seriously the most awful laugh.

Can I just get entirely new dishes and can they be these? I’m completely serious.

This day will not end.

I’m pretty sure I said that yesterday too.

though nothing, nothing will keep us together

I suppose that’s one way to get you to read the syllabus. And it’s more stimulating than just sitting there while I read it to you. So maybe it’ll stick.

This week will not end.

My hips are starting to hurt. Too much sitting.

Too much all of the everything.

Man I love my 50mm lens.

never thought i’d need

How do I have a whole Snickers bar and a whole bag of M&Ms in my cubby. And how long ago did they get there that I cannot even remember them?

I’m not telling him. You tell him.

OK that’s just a weird feeling.

Way to go, jentober. You left your umbrella-ella-ella in the car.

I had entirely forgotten.

I need to send some random books in the mail. It’s been a while since I’ve done a random book day.

I love Frank Reagan’s cardigans.

Why does the angel in white look like he’s trying to tread water?

I had no idea Nicole Kidman was actually American. Huh.

OMG Piers Morgan stahp. Agreeing with you makes me feel icky. But all of a sudden you keep making sense. What the actual hell.

Interesting ranking.

I’m so glad you’re staying.

Yes. A three day weekend is just what I need.

I really sincerely wish we didn’t even have that thing in our building.

pushing the hair from my eyes

I used to have that album. I have no idea what happened to it.


I should shave my legs.

I have absolutely no memory of why I was looking up conversion factors for that particular yarn.

stay by my side

One of my all time favorite Bowie songs. So much love.

That whole first Tin Machine album is really good, actually.

I am going to read that article but I am not going to read it right now.

I need to order that Malabrigo and play around with this pattern idea.

I need to work from home.

I need to be a stay at home mom.

I need to go get that kettle off the boil.

they say

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