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bigger on the inside

The TARDIS baby blanket is in progress. I spent most of Easter charting the police box. I hope it turns out as fantastic as it is in my head.
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Random Wednesday – Staycation Edition


I don’t really care about Kim Kardashian at all. I’ve never seen her show. I only even have the vaguest idea of who she is. But having been a pregnant woman, who has been swollen and felt like a whale, and miserable, I really wish people would leave her the hell alone in regard to her weight. It actually pisses me off how mean people are being.

Nerdy umbrage.

If your morals are that easily bought and sold, you have much bigger problems than capitalism.

like putting a santa hat on karl marx

I don’t care if you’re gay. I just don’t. It’s like the least relevant thing about you. I care if you’re a scifi geek. I care if you have common sense. I care if you like I don’t give a shit who you sleep with.

Unless you’re Red. Then I expect details.

Sometimes I feel like a pretty spectacular failure. That I’m failing spectacularly? Whatever.

Dear God, stop calling them the FEELS.

“Yeah, it takes a lot of courage coming out of the closet to a standing ovation.”


This father, who wishes to remain anonymous – how brave! – is an asshole. These people are horrible people.

Do I post too much to the blog? Maybe I don’t post enough. Oh brother, it’s not like you’re making money at it, Jennifer.

I’m sorry. I’ve just never really gotten the whole Andy Warhol adoration. His art just does not speak to me.

Also not speaking to me – these photos.

Love it!

Too much work to do. Bring me a dumpster!

I’ve seen selections from this series before. Interesting stuff. It doesn’t feel quite authentic though. Slightly NSFW.

It’d be nice to actually be going somewhere for vacation.

Did my internet just break?

This is kind of depressing.

I really need to just figure out how to build one.

We have too much stuff. Way too much stuff. I’m starting to feel claustrophobic and overwhelmed. I really just need a dumpster. Right now.

Ridiculous. Just flipping ridiculous. That actually makes me angry.

I am straight up filthy right now. It’s so disgusting.

That actually hurt my brain.

Something evil wasp ant thing with sting bitey teeth was just crawling around in my shorts sting biting me. I’m so fucking done with this “vacation.”

Minimalism is looking more and more appealing all the time.

Taekwondo ho!

That is a seriously giganomous fly. What the hell?

Well, you know, it was cold, they were hungry, and dude was all “If you don’t work, you don’t eat, bitches!”

The fart of solidarity.

May Day.

Lots of weird activity on the blog today. I wish I knew what people were thinking when they happen across this thing.

I don’t think some people are appreciating my random staycation texts.

I also don’t think people really appreciate the awesome of a mystery box of books in the mail for shipping plus 2 bux. No sense of fun. No sense of adventure. Poor people.

This just really makes me wish I could sew that much more.

I think it’s weird that you’re moving and you haven’t told your children that you’re moving.

Yes, I am checking my work email. Shut up. It’s self preservation.

OK. No Neil Gaiman. Yes Chris Isaak. I can live with that.

I want slices of mozzarella and crackers.

Have you seen the Doctor Puppet yet? Because it’s so wonderful, and you really should.

9 times out of 10 children

Who else would I want to have a Parks & Rec marathon with?

Shut up, I am not Leslie.

Chicken. Pot. Pie!!!!!

Where the hell is my copy of Good Omens?

Hell’s bells it’s stuffy in here.

Oh Dear Lord.

Oh now it’s “reductive rights” not “abortion rights”?


And then there’s this, which I disagree with. I think Tebow has gotten persecuted for being so devout, and I think any half wit can look at the media and see that. As for the newly out of heh closet athlete – see my above quote. He’s not going to be persecuted in the slightest.

But mostly I don’t care about sports in the least, and I care less about whether you’re gay OR Christian.

I reserve the right to remain indifferent. It’s my new motto. I need to cross stitch a sampler. Along with “In theory,” “I’m workin’ on it,” and “Shut the fuck up.”

Also this is bullshit.

Well, the mosquitoes sure as hell didn’t waste any time getting here.

el oh el

I don’t know. I’m sending mixed messages today. Last week was so much better.

It’s probably too late to take a shower. Ew.

Speaking of. How the hell did it get so late?

too much stuff too much stuff too much stuff

I’ma sit on the patio thinger while it’s stormy and read. Staycation, bitches!


tea leaves

wm5637I was going to rebut some nonsense being said about me on the interwebs today, but I decided there wasn’t any point. Instead I’m going to post about the sweater I just finished, (which I don’t usually do, but really should), because it’s pretty and I’m quite pleased with it.

wm5609I had originally bought this yarn to knit Georgia. And I did. And I hated it. Well, I hated the way I knitted it up. I wore it once and then frogged the whole thing, soaked the yarn, and re-wound it. I’d still like to work Georgia up again some time, but with different yarn and in a smaller size. Despite my gauging and measuring, it was just too big.

The Tea Leaves Cardigan had been in my library for a while, and its similarity to the Ruched Yoke Tee that I made for Miss W last fall had me really wanting to make it. The Georgia yarn needed to be used – so I cast on. Does anyone else want to say casted? Shush, I never said it out loud. You can see the makings of a collar here.


This was a really quick knit. It would have been faster but I did the button bands twice because I wasn’t happy. I also had issues with the sleeves. I extended them to full length. I also didn’t like the way the garter cuff was knitting up, so I knitted that bit inside out and folded it back to create a stockinette cuff instead.

wm5613I don’t work with sock yarn much at all, and I’m not sure if I like it or not. I love how soft it is. I did Miss W’s Tee in sock yarn and adored it, but this yarn I’m not loving.

Regardless, I am happy with how it turned out in the end. It’s very comfy, very cute. I’ll make it again in another yarn, I think.



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