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I came across this post by Alisa Burke last week and knew Miss W and I had to make these. We hit Hobby Lobby the Saturday after Christmas and loaded up on Sculpey and rubber stamps. They turned out pretty brilliantly, I think. Some of the clay was a bit on the hard side, so it was difficult to shape. Next time we’re going to flatten it out, stamp our designs, then use cookie cutters to make patterned shapes like stars and moons. I think those will be pretty brilliant too.

We tried black paint on white clay but that was a disaster. The blue on white turned out OK, but I wasn’t thrilled with it. The colored clay with white paint worked the best. The red and black clays I think were the standouts. I really like the way the white paint worked with the red clay. I think that is my favorite.

Oh and we got some blue clay that was sparkly without being obnoxious. That was really lovely. I only painted one of those.

(The fluorescent light in my kitchen is awful.)

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