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Taking the Happy out of Happy Meals

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has announced that it will bring suit against McDonald’s Corporation over the use of toys in Happy Meals. California has already banned the practice of putting toys in meals.


Because when you offer a toy with your fast food, you make kids fat.

The big argument here they’re making is that children don’t understand marketing and are therefore more susceptible to it. I can concede that point. Any parent will attest to the plague of toy commercials that brainwash your child into NEEDING the toy of the week. (One more reason I’m happy that my house does not have cable tv, nor even the ability to tune in local stations) My husband calls some cartoons 30 minute marketing ploys. He’s not wrong.

But here’s the kicker: Children don’t spend money. Children don’t get in the mini van, drive themselves to Mickey D’s and fork over the four bucks for a Happy Meal. Sure, they may pester their parents. They may beg and plead. Yes, they have influence. But who makes the ultimate decision to purchase the meal?

Parents. Parents have the ability to say no. Parents have control over the what their children eat, watch and do. Or at least they should. Because if they don’t, if children really do “wear the pants”, as a Twitter pal put it this morning, there are much bigger problems than whether or not those kids are “fat”.

Happy Meal toys are not the problem. Suing McDonald’s is ridiculous.



  1. Dilissa

    These people who want to control us are "makin my nerves."

  2. Eric

    The point is to take decision-making away from parents and place it with the almighty state. Only then can bureaucrats build their little empires.

  3. Allison H.

    The CSPI spokesperson said this will help alleviate the nagging that parents experience from their "pestering offspring". Someone has to be responsible for nagging kids and what they are allowed to eat and toys they play with. Are you suggesting parents take this role? Interesting concept.. parents in charge..of their own kids…

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