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Random Wednesday

Open house and curriculum meeting at school tonight. Apparently we have a new principal.

Miss W has a new found love of horrible pop music. I blame Youtube and Littlest Pet Shop.

I hate it when people call the office to ask questions and won’t let me finish my answer. Don’t cut me off in the middle of a sentence, it’s rude and you might be missing important information.

I hate everything about hipsters. But I especially hate the skinny jeans on guys and those stupid glasses they wear.

Who says I shouldn’t eat the M&Ms in my bag?

I wish I could sing.

I wish I was a stay at home mom.

I didn’t eat them all.

Right now I miss smoking.

There are only 60 days til Halloween. I will get the decorations out this weekend.

The head of my devil duck eraser is about to tear off. Devil duckie beheading.

I’m lost in here.


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