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Random Wednesday

I have a second interview at the second place I interviewed at 8:15. I’m ok. I’m a little nervous. I’m self conscious about my look this morning. My hair might be too much for some people.

I still feel kinda crappy. Throat still a little scratchy. I want to sleep for weeks.

I want Colin Ferguson or Adam Baldwin to bring me tea and toast in bed.

I don’t like the 90 degree days in the fall. It just feels wrong. It should be crisp and cool so I can wear skirts with knee boots and stripey socks.

I love my Jeep.

I love my local hardware store. They just posted this quote on facebook: “The mystery of government is not how Washington works, but how to make it stop.” ~ P.J. O’Rourke. I love P.J. O’Rourke.

That was the best interviewing experience I’ve ever had. I learned a great deal. I really don’t think they’ll offer it to me. But I really enjoyed meeting them. Apparently I need to network more. Scary.

It’s definitely a Chris Isaak kind of day.

I need Diet Coke.

I’m quite sure that teaching is not the career for me.

My dad use to be an aerobics instructor. I wonder if he still has any tapes from classes lying around. I should hunt one down.

It’s kind of muggy today.

Why do we need sommeliers?

I’ve just been reminded how much some people can suck. #bclc

I lost confidence in my tweets.

This job may be making me lazy.

My name is boring. Much of the time I feel like I’m boring. I am, however, very intelligent. It isn’t true that intelligent people don’t get bored.

I will freely admit that I am a picky eater. I’m not as bad as I used to be. But you will never get me to like fish or seafood.

Miss W said there were “Club” Scouts at school yesterday.

Oh Mark Steyn, you are awesome.

I get tired of people claiming that they don’t or won’t choose sides, then avoid me after hearing someone else’s side without hearing mine. Actually, this has bugged me for a while. People pass judgment all the time while claiming that they’re withholding judgment. “Neither party is blameless” having heard from only one party. How is that not choosing a side? It’s choosing a side while pretending not to. That doesn’t make you noble.

Apparently I have a lot of random thoughts in the course of eight hours. These things are probably getting to be too long.

I think that if you wouldn’t use a word during an average conversation, you should probably, nay, definitely avoid using it in print. It makes you look a tad pretentious. I also believe that if you are going to take pride in your mad grammar skills, to the point of boasting, you should probably proofread something before you post it. Those apostrophes can be so tricky.

Sometimes, while reading these college entrance essays, I laugh so hard I have tears.

I’m really hungry.

I’m not sure how I feel about Miss W’s teacher this year. I’m starting to think our whole school district is the perpetration of a leftist hippie agenda.

I’m not paranoid.



  1. deb

    1. cute skirt

    2. I had no idea who Colin Ferguson was until I looked him up. And I watched the entire first season of Eureka!

    3. Though I have not the slightest recollection of what your dad might look like, he absolutely looks ridiculous in a leotard and a headband (a la Olivia Newton John on the Physical album cover), which is how I'm now picturing him.

    4. We need sommeliers because *somebody* needs to know what the fuck wine is all about. I sure know nothing.

    5. My name is boring too. Most people in our generation have boring names. Unless their parents were hippies.

    6. I share your general aversion to fish and seafood, with a couple of notable but small exceptions.

    7. Yes you are. 😛

  2. ScottO

    1. cute skirt

    2. If mankind were meant to eat fish, they would jump into our hands–like pigs do.

    3. My average conversation is in print.

    4. I believe the whole public school system is the result of a leftist hippie agenda. Or at least collectivist.

    5. Yes, you are. But that doesn't mean you're wrong.

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