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Random Wednesday – Extended Edition (edited 09/12)

I just burned my tongue on my tea.

I am against book burning of any kind. I don’t care what the book is.

I never know where to put the emphasis in biopic. Is it a long o or a short one? I hate that word.

I don’t remember what kind of plant that is. It’s growing in my yard. I planted it there 3 years ago. EDIT: Duh, they’re seedums. I can’t believe I forgot that.

I’m really starting to hate the word “progressive” as well.

As much as I love knitting, I have to just say NO to knitted wallpaper.

The mister and I have called Miss W “girlie” since the day she was born. This stemmed from not naming her for a full 24 hours and we had to call her something. I hate it when people take words that I use all the time, like girlie, and suddenly pepper their vocabulary with them. You can’t just call every female child under a certain age “girlie” and decide that that’s ok. Knock it off.

I just realized that it’s the start of another year, which means the start of another group of students working in my office, chattering constantly, using “like” every other word. Like nails on a chalkboard.

I finally saw Iron Man. It was very good. I didn’t expect to laugh so much.

It is very cold in this ballroom.

I have a Firefly bookmark. It makes me happy.

I have only been sitting in this ballroom for 18 minutes but I thought it was an hour.

I feel the need to learn Broomstick Lace.

I don’t really get the appeal of most TTV photography. Most of the time, I really don’t want my photos to look that dirty.

Dear everyone, it’s FAFSA not FASFA. You work at a university, get it right.

I was probably hanged for witchcraft in another life. That’s just the kind of thing that would happen to me.

This Random Wednesday is probably way too long. I’d feel bad about that, but no one reads this blog anyway.

My new favorite spam: We only met once, wake up please.

I don’t understand short sleeved cardigans. I have a hard enough time with three quarter length sleeves. I feel so in between in them. My wrists like to be covered.

I just learned a new word: cordwainer. You might be more familiar with the vastly more common cobbler. They’re both the same thing.

This apple is delicious.



  1. laura jean

    My hairdresser says "biopic" with the short o, and every time she does it takes me a second to figure out what the fuck she's talking about. "Did she just say myopic? Am I paying attention? Do my eyebrows need waxing?"

  2. angela auclair

    i read it.

    and i promise to stop calling you girlie.

    and to say biopic whichever way makes you happiest.

    and i would not have burned you as a witch in another life. promise.

    but i do like short sleeve cardigans, because i am always hot and they are the perfect foil to a too tight tank top.

  3. AntiJenX

    lj – thanks for the reminder, i'm now scheduled with the wax lady for saturday.

    ang – you can call me girlie all you want 😉 i am thrilled that you read it, i had doubts. now that you've mentioned the tank top issue, i can see the value, but as you know, i'm nearly always cold. thanks for not burning me.

  4. deb

    I have to say no to ALL wallpaper, knitted or otherwise. It is all evil.

    WTF is Broomstick Lace?

  5. AntiJenX

    My MIL has this wallpaper in her bathroom that I actually really love. But mostly I agree with you.

    This is broomstick lace.

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