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Random Wednesday

I’m listening to a song called Meg White. I never thought the White Stripes were all that awesome.

My new to me Canon will be here today. I’ve been tossing names around. I’ll always kind of miss the Canonista though.

When I was a wee lass I thought Nights in White Satin was K-nights in white satin and thought those must be some pretty fancy pants knights to be wearing all that white satin and didn’t it get dirty?

Don’t say the word snow! You’ll jinx us!

I have my own awareness colors. Black and gray. That’s just how I roll.

Gum only tastes good for about the first 3 minutes. Then I just want to spit it out.

Uh oh. Coworker has quit smoking again. Prepare to treat this as an active shooter situation.

Every time I hear “give em the pickle” or “don’t forget to put pickles in the jar!” or anything remotely involving a pickle that I don’t put on my sandwich I want to kick someone. It’s an impotent rage, really. Enough with the pickles.

We watched Monday’s Chuck last night. Oh John Casey. You are awesome. Also awesome? They got picked up for the full season. Congratulations guys! Hey, Adam Baldwin might click over here from Twitter. I’m not entirely delusional.

I have no idea what that smell is, but it’s not pleasant.

Miss W started her EXCEL classes for the “gifted” kids again last week. And her teacher has finally started realizing that she is a little too advanced for “The baby likes cake.”

At what point do Congressional Dems admit they were wrong? Oh right. Never.

Just close your mouth. Do you ever take a picture of yourself where your mouth isn’t open?

I could use a snack.

One of the students just verified with me that the election is two weeks from yesterday. He figured if anyone would know it would be me.

I stand by what I said. There’s no such thing as a moderate.

I just saw a photo of Mel Gibson in which he had V like facial hair, sort of looking like the devil only far less attractive than what I actually imagine the devil to look like.

You should go see Red.

Wow. I’m no lawyer, but the people in my office have very little understanding of how the actual law works.

Well, that’s a sparkly bra.

I think I need a haircut.

People who pop and crack their gum should be flogged.

Everyone is irritating me today. I put both ear buds in and cranked the music to block the sound of that particular coworker running her mouth as if she has the slightest idea what she’s talking about. And the gum popper. I can’t stand the gum popping.


Wow. I don’t care if you’re POTUS, you’re not the kid’s mother and I can’t give you that information.

I think by 5:00, newly smoke free coworker might actually maim someone.

Hey June Cleavage. Nice to see you making an effort to cover up the girls a tiny bit. Oh wait, you took the fabric away from your skirt. I think I’d rather see the cleavage.

Close the window close the window close the window.

I wish we offered a parapsychology major.

You should listen to this.

Moe Tucker, it’s like you’re reading my mind. You rule, babe.

Is Nicholas Brendon on a whole lot of drugs?

I’m against all bullying. Period. I don’t discriminate.

Dear Kickstarter, I don’t need emails about twelvety five projects I’m not supporting. Thanks.

Just stop breathing. Stop. Then I won’t have to listen to you labor for breath any more. Of course I don’t mean that literally. Really. What?

I’ve had just about all I can take of women on the edge today, thank you.

We’re not sheep.

I was doing alright with the not being sleepy today but I think I might be crashing.


Probably cavemen, but astronauts are undoubtedly better looking.

What is a Stealers Wheel anyway?

Oh it’s the size of a pea. A pea!




  1. laura jean

    i'm the same way with gum; i can't stand the idea of chewing it after the sugar is gone. what's the point?

  2. ScottO

    I won't if you won't! I try to avoid any mention of sn*w.

    I made this a while back. I wanted to make a companion one for Rep's, but I think they stopped offering that font.

    Ecky, ecky, ecky, pTANGggnnnwhirr.

    I am also against all bullying. That's what I originally thought the purple was about. When I found out it was only specific bullying, I changed my shirt back.

    Oh, and a Stealer's Wheel is obviously the little tool they use to get in the windows. Isn't it?

  3. AntiJenX

    Is that what a Stealers Wheel is? I had no idea.

    Nice moderate message 🙂

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