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auld lange syne

I don’t have any naval gazing thoughts on the year past or on the year to come.  Some pretty awesome things happened this year and some pretty heartbreaking things happened as well.  I think that’s what they call Life.

Miss W went to her grandparents’ to spend the night so I had many hours to myself today.  I drove around my “neighborhood” shooting the countryside.  Then I went home and shot my Ruger.  I took the ornaments off the tree.  I went to the hardware store and bought the picture frame wire I had forgotten.  I decided (again) that the quiet is overrated.

It was gloomy and thundery rainy and 50ish today.  Which at first seemed like a depressing way to ring in the new year.  But I do love a good thundery rain and I decided that it wasn’t so depressing, really.  Fluffy snowmannable snow would have been nicer, sure, but it’s Michigan, so you learn not to expect too much in the way of weather cooperation.

All in all, a good day.  2010 draws to a close and I’m still standing.  I still have people I love and who love me.  And that’s a good place to be.



  1. deb


  2. bunny

    ah. that top shot is very seventh seal which makes it a lovely new year’s eve shot, to me anyway. you know, death and all that.

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