nobody here but us chickens


Heather and I have known each other, been friends with each other, for 25 or so years. We are very very different in a lot of ways. She lives in OR and is a big leftie. I live in MI and am not 😉 She’s a vegetarian, I love a good steak. Anyway. We’re friends regardless and I love her. I get to see her once a year when she comes home for Christmas. I got to see her Tuesday. We had a blast. Here we are in the freezing rain, being goofballs.


  1. angela auclair

    the differences sometimes make the friendship even more special:)
    you guys are awesome.

  2. laura jean

    omg. you eat MEAT? this changes everything.

  3. heathre

    love you 🙂
    (and damn, 25 years!!)

  4. AntiJenX


    love you too heath.

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