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Random Wednesday

Ice, ice, ice, some snow to make things interesting. Treacherous drive to work this morning.

Wait, there is apparently an area of study known as “Experimental Philosophy”. That somehow seems redundant to me.

The word of the day is palingenesis. I like the way it sounds.

Santa Claus at the library tonight! Yay! I wonder if I’ll win anything in the raffle this year. Who am I kidding, I never win anything in the raffle. Ever.

Not a single #salt truck on the road this morning. So glad I pay taxes for that shit.

Damn, I never get flowers. I don’t much care for roses anyway. I don’t like the way they smell.

How is it December 1?

My ears kind of hurt still. My head definitely hurts.

I would love winter if I never had to drive any where.

I wouldn’t mind some hibernation right now.

Dear Warner Brothers: We absolutely do not, under any circumstances, need a Buffy “reboot”. But thanks for playing.

I need a new winter coat. And tires. And some boots. And some money.

I always read Dresden books too fast.

I am not happy with Miss W’s mittens. I think I need to knit them again.

snow snow snow snow snow

I don’t think people should die in winter. I think people should only die in spring or summer. That just seems better.

I have such a hard time buying gifts for people. Except Miss W. She’s easy peasy.

They sealed all the cracks around the windows while I was gone. It’s actually kind of toasty in here.

I’m wearing pink again. This is becoming a habit.

Oh wait, now I’m chilly again. That’s more normal.

It needs to be time for lunch soon.

This is not my favorite time of year. I am not a big fan of Christmas. But I do love this song.

Always such a joy to listen to you gasp for breath after a food run.

I’m starting to think June Cleavage doesn’t work here any more.

Damn. I’m just not in the mood for any of the music on my Zune. That sucks.

It just won’t stop snowing. sigh.

I cannot believe that anyone still takes you seriously. #bclc

Did you forget, when you hit reply all, that 98% of the people on that distribution list are on the opposite side of the state from you? Stop taunting me with your donuts!

Good bye, next two Saturdays. overtime overtime overtime overtime overtime.

Sometimes I think it would be nice to be less cynical. But then I realize that I wouldn’t be half as funny as I think I am.

Wow. That was rude.

Do I want a Diet Coke bad enough to go out in this nonsense?


Oh lord, dude. You’re such a drama queen. The “Great Experiment” hasn’t failed. Half wit.

I really like this photo today. I don’t know why.

And the snow just keeps on coming.

Alright. Santa. Library.

Ho ho ho ho ho.


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  1. laura jean

    "Experimental Philosophy" sounds like the major of a certain ex-boyfriend of mine. It involved a lot of psychedelics.

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