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Random Wednesday

The Wednesdays seem to come faster and faster.

I dreamed about Twitter people last night, which frankly is just weird.

Argh. Snag in my tights. Damn.

It’s probably better not to be mysterious.

Another Wednesday. Another all office staff meeting without donuts.

Just take a sick day for once. Give me a break from you.

Oooh! A woman from the registrar’s office just gave me a vintage mink collar. Gorgeousness.

I’m quite sure I will never need an R2D2 swimsuit.

snow snow snow

I think the staff meetings are setting new records for length these days. Poor KT will never sit next to me in a staff meeting again. Although I did get him to chuckle.

Crazy busy day.

What if I don’t want my own page in the online directory with my picture there? Why would I want to make it easier for the gunman to find me???

I love this skirt.

Dammit, Jim!

I need more tea. Can someone bring me more tea? I’m going to have to brave the weather and make a Diet Coke run, aren’t I? Sigh.

I’ve just been looking at my “year in status” on fb. I make some good status updates, if I do say.

Wow. You have got to be the worst Muslim ever.

Damn. I’m hungry already and it’s a loooooooooong way til lunch.

It’s not “as well too”. It’s just not. It’s either “as well” or “too”. Not both.

I wonder who would play me in the movie. I vote for Rene Russo. Probably it will be Elizabeth McGovern.

I am I am I am Superman and I know what’s happening.

I don’t care what anyone says, I love this song.

Well. That was a bold fashion choice.

You know what’s annoying? Making your email address your name without vowels.

My hip hurts today. It hurt yesterday. I’m willing to bet it will hurt tomorrow.

I just read a really funny passive aggressive post on the internet about not seeing the point of passive aggressive posts on the internet. And when I say funny I mean you’re an idiot. Yes I would say that in person.

Tights and corduroy do not get along with each other.

I think you’re confusing my cynicism with negativity. It’s a common mistake. It’s ok. It weeds out the undesirables.

The new fb profile is a little confusing. Probably it’s because I’m old and don’t have an iPhone.

Dammit. Now I’m all choked up.

This always makes me giggle. You should giggle too. Extra points if you know what the song is from.

Miss W has two field trips this week, lucky girl. I miss field trips.

I would like a peanut butter cookie.

I’ve entirely lost momentum.

Oh, Quaker Chewy Chocolate Chip Ganola Bars, thank you.

It’s that time of year when I like to watch the Ref. I love that movie.

Don’t you sushi burp me, woman!

That phrase “It’s 5:00 somewhere!”. Yeah. Retire it.

I always say “you can’t just make stuff up and pass it off as fact!” when I’m talking about leftists and mister says “well you CAN, obviously.” I should stop saying that.

Tangled up.

I wonder what I would look like bald. I have this weird flat spot on top of my skull.

I’ve reached a point in my life where it’s time to drive home.



  1. ScottO

    I love The Ref, too! I really like at the end, when the cop asks if there are any other hostages, and they both look at each other and tell him no.

  2. Amanda

    I get extra points – Disney's Robinhood. Written by Roger Miller (he even did the voice for the minstral rooster) Love that one!

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