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Random Wednesday – Sleepless Edition

I thought I’d randomly take today off from the blog, but I changed my mind.

This photo reminds me of an image of Damian Lewis (swoon) in Dreamcatcher. I can’t find it to share with you. Maybe I imagined the whole thing.

Christmas is entirely too close. I never feel ready.

I need a current report! Where is the current report! Why won’t you just show me how to run it?

Wow. My brain is just stuck. I am all messed up from the not sleeping last night. It’s a weird feeling.

I haven’t done any target shooting in weeks.

I always liked the name Arkham.


I don’t care what anyone says, I love Steel Magnolias.


Is it possible to love the art while hating the artist?

Office holiday party tomorrow. I’m wearing my Star Trek uniform. That’s festive, right?

I have the best daughter ever.

I don’t care for my Twitter photo. I’ll have to change it. It was only meant to be funny anyway.

These potatoes mean something …

Now I have Justin Timberlake stuck in my head. Ooph.

Ok, we’re caught up. Can we please stop the overtime til January? Please? So tired.

Ache and some brr and a little ache and possibly a twinge.

I kind of miss having a stocking full of silly/fun/little/whatever stuff on Christmas morning.

I think we’re maybe getting new phones today, the mister and I. No, not iPhones.


oooooh! I think I get to cut back on some of my hours now. Yay!

I can’t stop yawning. Again.

I think that … yeah, I started that sentence, got interrupted and 20 minutes later have no idea what I was going to type.

I keep forgetting I need to get my text books for next semester.

I love Bruce Willis.

Wow. It is really damn cold out there.

So many things I want to get done over the break. Like paint girlie’s bathroom. I wonder how lazy I’ll end up being.

Some focus would be nice. I’m so burned out.

I don’t get the whole Nutella thing. Ulk.

I go back and forth, but today I’m going to have to say cavemen.

I get to leave at normal people time today. Yay!

Putting the needle on the record. Bringin’ the noise.



  1. ScottO

    Of course it's possible to love the art, but dislike the artist. I have this with lots of musicians, like Sheryl Crow. And yes, the Star Trek dress is such a festive yellow.

  2. AntiJenX

    I find myself torn on the question of artist vs art. Sometimes I find it very difficult to look at the art as something separate from the person who created it. Musicians are a big one for sure. And I wore the dress 🙂

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