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Random Wednesday – Vacation Edition

Mister is crimpled.

I made pancakes. I like waffles better. No bacon, it was frozen. Maybe tomorrow.

The sky is veddy veddy gray, perhaps it will finally snow. But probably not.

It’s foggy. It’s going to rain.

My internet is only working in 5 minute intervals today.

I have no interest in seeing Black Swan.

If I can’t get this internet to cooperate there may be no Random today. ‘Course, that might not be a bad thing if you ask some blog stalkers …

Maybe I should take a nap.

I’ve gotten very little knitting done this break. I have, however gotten a ton of other stuff done. I don’t think I’m going to manage to get girlie’s bathroom painted though. A woman has to draw the line and relax somewhere.

No. Wait. There is some snow now. A few sad ickle flakes.

I’m going to have coffee with an old friend this afternoon. I’m looking forward to it.

Huh. I actually may not get this posted today. Oh well.

I think I’ll watch some Buffy and knit for a bit.

Nope, Deadwood. And now I’m going for coffee.

I need to find something abandoned to shoot, too, darnit!

I feel the urge to learn more about Wild Bill Hickok. I’m sure it’ll pass.

This is a half assed post. And I’m ok with that. I’ve barely been near the computer all week and it’s been awesome.

I had a lovely late lunch with my friend Jaime. It was so nice to see her again.

I thought of good random stuff while I was doing all that driving but of course now it’s gone. Always seems to be the way, I suppose.

I did find new gloves today, on clearance even. My old ones had a hole in the finger. Not an effective way to keep your digits toasty.

Highlander will always be one of my favorite movies.

Oh Lou Rawls. You always sound like you’re winking at me. You’re so much fun to listen to.

It is true that I have a secret love of the Bee Gees. How can you not shake your booty?

Dinosaur break!

Me as Stegosaurus: “How can you even jump that far?”
Miss W as Bracheosaurus: “Well, I’ve been eating less.”

Crispy Crowns. Yum.

Whoever designed vaporizers is lacking all common sense. There is absolutely no way to drain all the water out of them ever. Why wouldn’t you put a plug in a corner of the container for ease of drainage? Who thinks one hole in the middle of the damn top of the thing is sufficient? And then you develop a mildew layer so you bleach the hell out of the thing but it’s stained forever and looks creepy so you just end up buying a whole new vaporizer even though the bleach killed anything in the old one and it’s perfectly fine you just have a guilty what if conscience. Sheesh. I should design new vaporizers.

All thoughts, ideas, etceteras are copyright Jennifer Townsend 2010-perpetuity. ahem.

Well. Laugh. (Hear that in the David Bowie in Labyrinth accent)

I think I’ll make some tea.

Can’t touch me I’m wolverine! Spatula!

Sea Salt Caramels are staring me down.

I don’t make resolutions.

I might have most of Friday to myself. This may call for a solo photo adventure. Hmmm.

Oooh, last Kim Harrison on the way! I love that her book titles are all plays on Clint Eastwood movies. She sent me a signed copy of Dead Witch Walking after some email exchanges over a publishing mistake. Such a cool woman!

Latest Wednesday post ever!



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  1. deb

    I LOOOVE Lou Rawls! Always have.

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