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Random Wednesday

Is there an on kilter?


Winter is starting to wear me out.  I just want to hibernate.

Sometimes the sound of keyboards clacking around me is the single most irritating thing in the world.  How did I get here?

Oh, honey.  No.

I really want to get a new rocking chair.  I miss knitting in a rocking chair.  One of those glider ones.


There are more applications in this stack than I thought.

I’m so sleepy this is just boring everyone else to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I don’t think she has stopped complaining since she got here this morning.

I am really not fond of January.

If we allow women in combat will we then require that women 18 and older register for selective service?  And why do we still require anyone to register since we no longer use the draft?

Oooh six more states have joined the lawsuit against Obamacare.  Dear POTUS and Harry Reid, this should tell you something.  Get a clue already.

Repeal vote in House today.

I always like the house on the Brady Bunch.

This morning Miss W discovered the note I wrote her a few days ago on the dry erase board on the fridge.  It made her smile.

I wish I had more windows in my house, although I don’t know where I would put them.  I hate our carpeting.

Since Deadwood is over we started watching Weeds.  That show is funny stuff.

Oh taxes.  Yay.

I would like to start the In Death series over again from the beginning.  I wish I had them all.  I’m reading #28 right now.  This is one of those instances where an ereader of some kind would be handy.

Poor algebra.  No one likes you.

The windchill is supposed to be 20 below this weekend.  I think having to get out of bed to be at work by 7 on a Saturday in January when the expected high is 13 with a windchill of -20 is just cruel.

Well that’s just terrible.

It is officially Diet Coke time.

I only remember having one slumber party as a kid.  I remember I got in trouble because Jennifer Smith was telling a dirty joke.  We must have been in 1st or 2nd grade.

Vaguely specific.  Entirely irritating.  I have no idea what I even just read.

Maybe it’s the nuance.  I hear conservatives are incapable of nuanced thought.  Maybe that’s why I don’t get it.

I need to get on this Tunisian thing.

I just don’t speak Neurotic 30 Something.

Aw hell.  I’m about to run out of crap to do.

Good coupons in my email!

I like being a tourist in my home state.

This just sickens me.


Somewhere in the vicinity of this desk is a mini Krackel.  Krackle?  Chocolatey ricey goodness.

There it is, next to the pepper spray.  Krackel.

Pick. Up. Your. Feet.  skathump skathump skathump.  argh.

I’m so bored with my hair.

Gooftacular.  Adorable.  Whatevah.

Listening too long, but then …



  1. deb

    … one thing leads to another, yeah yeah yeah

    fucking adorable. word.

  2. Amanda

    Loverly. I appreciate your thought process. comforting.

  3. bunny

    I watched Weeds for a while. I’m crazy about Mary Louise Parker and one of the Olsen twins was on there for a while and she was pretty damn good. Unfortunately I’m very bad at keeping up with TV series; ever since I gave up on Days of Our Lives, it just hasn’t been the same.

  4. AntiJenX

    deb, you’re crazy, but i love you anyway.

    amanda, thank you very much 🙂

    bunny, i’m telling you, wait til shows are a few seasons in and then watch it all at once in your pjs on a gloomy weekend with no plans.

  5. Andrea

    Is there an on kilter?

    Yes. It’s called “kilter.” Kilter, meaning in good condition or good form. I would assume that would classify as “on kilter” as opposed to “off kilter.”

  6. bunny

    So what is someone who makes kilts called?

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