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Random Wednesday – Ballroom Edition

I’m stuck in the ballroom for 3 hours today, freezing my arse off.  I think the last time I was stuck over there might have been the birth of Random Wednesdays.

Lady Gaga is perfect treadmill music.

Mister has been up since 3.  He was a wee bit cranky this morning.  Yes, you were.  Don’t deny it.

It’s looking like a Chuck E Cheese birthday party this year, the Saints help me.  We’ve never done a birthday party for Miss W that wasn’t at home.

I’m somewhat disgusted that the new edition of Huckleberry Finn has removed “offensive” words.  I don’t argue that the n word is not offensive.  I argue that this PC mentality has run so far amok that we’re now changing classic literature because we’re so terrified of offending people.  It’s wrong.  No one in this country has the right not to be offended.  Changing history to avoid that is inexcusable.


Oh right.  Work.

This place makes me sneeze.

Do you really think that it doesn’t bother people when you answer your phone with your mouth full of food?

I’m reading this for my class.  It’s interesting.  Not the type of crime I usually read about.  I’m not sure how to take it so far.  It does annoy me endlessly that he consistently says “overstand” in place of “understand”.

New Congress.  I’m optimistic and terrified.

Snark and disdain.  Snark and disdain.

Gibbs is leaving his post as Press Secretary.  Awesome.

Also this.

Early lunches throw my internal clock entirely off.

I’ve never had a pedicure.

Pink paperclip!

Does the IRS think that extending the tax deadline by 3 days will really garner more cash?  If people aren’t going to file by the 15th, they probably aren’t going to file by the 18th either.

Today’s Random is shaping up to be a long one.

I don’t know how to do the comment verification thing on the new blog, bunny.  If I can figure out how to add it, I’ll put it back, just for you.

It’s not as cold in here as I thought it would be.  It is even deader than the last time I got stuck over here.

Windows 7.  I’m reserving full judgment, but so far you annoy me.

Ooh, cute skirt, lady!

This gang book.  Man.  62 pages in and it’s just all nonchalance “I was patriotic looking out for my homies the set was everything banging was my life and I was proud to do it”.  Boggles my mind.

Huh.  It’s National Whipped Cream Day.

I wonder what this button doe————–

This chair is making my butt fall asleep.

Why do all these gangsters ride bicycles?

The IT guy across the way is calling for help because his printer isn’t working.

My GPA is so awesome I’ve been invited to join the Honors College.  And apparently I’m not too old.  I am not clear on why the reward for kicking ass is harder classes … but hey!  Priority registration!


Since we started watching Deadwood I have to resist the urge to punctuate everything with c#cks#cker.  I have such a foul mouth.

I could use a nap.  This One Stop gig is so boring.

This would have been a lot more fun with a tiara and ball gown.

I’m blowing my nose on Santa Claus.  ho ho ho.

Why did I talk myself out of bringing my knitting?

Oh knee socks, how I love you so.

Enough with the fish recipes.  I don’t even eat fish.

What?  Like you’ve never worn a colander on your head.

Google street view is kind of creepy.

The only thing sitting in the ballroom accomplished was aggravating my bursitis.  Pain!

Not going back to Rockville.  Not wastin’ another year.



  1. bunny

    If you were here I’d only leave you.

    Ahh, the futurepast.

    • AntiJenX

      It will affect us all.

  2. deb

    I find the Huck Finn thing pretty awful myself.

    JEEZiss! We are SO getting pedicures in March, woman!

    I don’t mind Windows 7 any more.

    most chairs make my butt fall asleep.

    you should listen to my fashion advice more often. so there.

    • AntiJenX

      It’s censorship and fear is what it is.

      I don’t know how I feel about pedicures. It wigs me out a little.

  3. Angela

    The pedicure thing? Worth a try.

    I missed a Wednesday…that is weird.

    Cocksucker. Now I want to say it.

    • AntiJenX

      It’s addicting. Cocksucker. It’s like an exclamation point or a period.
      I will try the pedicure thing. You ladies are ganging up on me about it.

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