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Random Wednesday

We’ll try it large.  It might be too much.  The small is just so small.

Almost 40 degrees and the sun isn’t even up yet.  Spring is springing or something.

I feel like I’m forgetting something.

My nose wants to sneeze but I’m not sneezing.  I’m in sneeze limbo.

It’s dip day.  Yesterday was soup day.  These people eat too much.

I don’t really like soup.

Yes, I’m mostly jealous of women who get to stay home with their children all day.  Miss W has a birthday this week.  Sigh.

I hate these ear buds.

And they call us racist.

I love this skirt.

I also love corduroy.

Robocop.  Seriously.  I kinda love this too.

Spring break starts at the end of the month?  That seems early to me.

It’s a little toasty in here.

I might be bored.

Really.  Enough with the birther nonsense.  Let it go.

I’ll bet you five dollars that the Institute will make no mention of Chappaquiddick within its walls. No thank you.

Speaking of 5 dollar bets, you lost Red.  Pay up.


Stupid no cupcake rule.  Our school is run by hippies.

I should set up a paypal where all of my droves of readers can donate to keep Random nonsense and better than average photography posts going … and send my arse to Comic Con next year.

Comic Con requires flying.  I love flying.  I loathe TSA.

One of the secretaries just told me I have a good hair day going.  So nice!

I could do with a good thunderstorm.

I can think of twelvety things I like better than listening to the woman in the next cube bitch and whine and yell at her husband on the phone.

I cannot be held responsible for anyone’s inability to decipher sarcasm.

Really, lady, we can still hear you, even when you whisper.

New Buffalo Tom album out soon.  I hate to say I was kind of disappointed with their last one.

Dear God, we’ll never be rid of them.

I have so many mixed feelings about this Dark Shadows film.  (Memories of Friday nights spent at Manda’s house in her parents living room watching the remake series and then catching up on the original via laser disk spring to mind.)   I adore Tim Burton.  He is my all time favorite director and his films are the only ones I will not miss in the theater.  But Johnny Depp again?  I like Johnny Depp.  He and Burton work well together.  But.  How bout some variety?  There are other actors out in the wide world that could surely capture the essence of Burton.  I hope this film doesn’t end up taking itself too seriously.  Planet of the Apes, anyone?

Why am I so hungry?

I think we need to open a window.

Oh dear.



Oh no, don’t ring now … I’m busy wasting time.

WHY don’t I have this Chris Isaak album? Must be rectified.

I am more ready for Spring than I realized.


Now I want Dunkin.

Who turned off my Greasemonkey?

I had no idea a phone could vibrate that loudly.

I don’t think that turtles would make very good ninjas at all.

I hate it when I finish a book at work.

The Mister is a very funny man.

Bless me!


Blah blah blah.

I don’t understand hippies or hipsters.  Oy.


Yes, she just said “allen ranches”.

I think I should wear a skirt again tomorrow.

#Pizza, it’s what’s for dinner.

Bad is good, baby.  Down with government!



  1. deb

    remind me which bet I lost, dear?

    check the dropbox 🙂
    (I loveLoveLOVE his version of ‘Solitary Man’)

    • AntiJenX

      the one about the husband and the photo. 🙂

      oooh I love his version of Solitary Man too! I haven’t heard it in forever. thanks, babe 🙂

  2. bunny

    Sanity, you’re a madman!

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