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Random Wednesday – Sick Day Edition

Mister: “You look 20 … 18% less pasty this morning.”

I have re-watched Firefly over the last 3 days.  I think today is good for Serenity.

I dreamed that I had to go to a Disney movie with all of my coworkers.  There was a lot of singing.  And I distinctly remember a Sponge Bob reference.  We kept taking these intermissions to “discuss” the film.  Mark Steyn was sitting in my row taking notes.  I was desperate for a Diet Coke.

Who plays Vector in Despicable Me?  I have to look that up.  That guy’s voice makes me clench my teeth.  Wow.  Freaks and Geeks.  No way.  Such a good movie though.

I would like to stop feeling nauseated now please.   Also enough with the headache.  Thanks.

I wish knitting was my job.

I want to go to South Dakota.

Maybe Serenity later.

Oooh Vogue pattern sale!

I just got a seriously fantastic late Christmas gift in the mail from the Redhead. Gorgeous ♥

This not really having an appetite thing is weird.  I hate making myself eat when I don’t want to eat.  But I need food.  Girlie too.  We’re going to attempt a frozen pizza.

I wish I could sing.

Girl Scout Cookie time.  Thin Mints.  Yes please thank you.

By the way that’s a toad not a frog.

No one needs a pattern for a knitted fanny pack.  Ever.

I wish I had a lens baby.  Someday, maybe.

I could use a shower.

I was supposed to get my hair done today.

Miss W: “I used a permanent red marker on my Littlest Pet Shops one time.  Those ones are gonna be Night of the Living Dead ones forever!”

Mister’s face is numb from the dentist.

Where Did I Come From? is a stupid book.  No, vagina does not rhyme with liner.

Showering takes a lot outta ya when you’re sickly.

Damn.  I’m supposed to take a snack to work tomorrow for yet another snack day.

My poor girl with her vicious cough.  Stupid germs.

I should have learned to play an instrument.

It was a brilliant plan until …

There are just some people I wish I had never known.

I am very fond of the word Satchel.  I think my aunt once had a dog named Satchel.  Satchel.  I like it.

It’s not really the “Pepsi generation”.

That is entirely too much cake.

Do you think that you could?



  1. deb

    Less pasty is good!

    Did you say Girl Scout Cookies???? Where?

    I’m pretty sure I could.

  2. bunny

    Hmm. Vaginer.
    Was the person who wrote that book from the South?

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