I could totally curl back up in bed and sleep more.  But I won’t.  It will only give me a headache.

The chickens haven’t even left the coop.

I took some photos this morning but they don’t really capture the blizzardyness of it all.

And our well isn’t working.  NO WATER!


I think I need to restart.

Frost on the back door window.  Reverse lens.  50mm.  PSOOC.

How does anyone know which Olsen twin is which?

Oh, our blizzard warning has been reduced to a winter weather advisory.  I’m still not going anywhere.

I was hoping for two snow days in a row, but I don’t think that’s likely.  Maybe for Miss W.



I want more tea.  You need water for tea.  Dammit.

Bye sun.

Damn.  Today would be a good day to own a snow blower.  We have a very long driveway.  Well guy is coming.  Water!

I think it stopped snowing.

It’s knee deep in the backyard.

Vacuuming makes me sweaty.

We have water!  Yay well guys who tell me I might need an additional $600 repair.  Wait.  Sigh.

I finally watched the first episode of Castle.  Meh.

You would have to pay me many thousands of dollars to jump in the water on a day like this.  I won’t even ice dive and you wear a whole lot of neoprene to do that.

I never know what to do with myself on unexpected days off.  I feel like I should DO something.  Why?

It’s groundhog day.  I love that movie.  Phil says early spring.  I don’t think we should replace Phil with a robot.  Sometimes animal rights activists are just plain crazy.

Sometimes the sound of Tammy Bruce’s voice makes my shoulders go all hunchy.  Stop screeching!

Loooooooooong underwear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss W and Mister are going out into the drifts.

Listen, listen.

Dude.  The Redhead rules.


Why are the birds angry?

It is snowing again.  But it’s lazy.  I should have more tea.

I wish I was better with words.

I’m thinking bangs.

Mister took the lid off the chocolate chip brownie container.  I can smell the deliciousness now.  Must.  Resist.

No, we do not open cans with our teeth.

I still need new tires.

It is confirmed, Miss W has tomorrow off and I have to go back to work.  Sigh.

I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow.  Or ever, really.  Stupid work.

My monitor is spectacularly dusty.

I feel like watching something.

#tater tot

My living room has been taken over by dinosaurs.  There’s a dragon in the bathroom sink.

Put a stake in it, Van Helsing.