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Random Wednesday

I forgot my apple.  Damn.

Interesting piece on state film subsidies.

The government should have just shut down.

Yet. Another. Snack Day.  This is getting out of hand.

More freezing rain in the forecast.  Enough with the freezing rain already.  If it must be wintery, give me snow.  Or, you know, just be SPRING already.

Skulduggery is a good word.

Laser cats.

I’d lay odds on Charlie Sheen overdosing and drowning in a pool of his own vomit, but he’s the kind of whacked out cokehead that just never dies.

I once had a fish named Parsley.  I don’t know why.

I think I’m voting present on this whole day.

Cuppa tea.  Cuppa tea.  Skip this song.  Cuppa tea.

Goodbye Jane Russell.

I should recreate that photo.  I don’t have a revolver.  I could modernize it.

Wanna go wanna go wanna go.  Oh how I love Mark Steyn.

It’s hard to ignore a ringing phone.

Monchichi monchichi.

Um, hi Pleated Khakis.  You are not the boss of me.  You don’t even have your own phone line.  Wander on back to your table and patronize your envelope stuffing, ok?

I think a road trip is in order.  Something with zombies and hot women.

Are you sweet or sour today?

Oooh free lunch.  Yes please thank you.

In the last ten minutes, three different people have snagged me to vent their frustrations ab0ut this place.  Yeah, this place is sucking my will to live too.

I have finally decided that I like the blue M&Ms.  I was initially against them.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss.  I hated Fox in Socks.  But others I loved.

I remember watching the original V as a kid.  I loved that show.  This new one is better.  I think Joshua is a cutie.  The Mister thinks he looks like Rick Astley.  Frankly, I used to think Rick Astley was a cutie.

We may freely hate Phelps’ evil guts, but SCOTUS made the right call.

Sometimes I honestly just don’t know what to say to people.  I mean really.  What are you thinking?


I wonder if I could get a picture with Mark Steyn.  That would be rad.

Seriously, I think they’ve begun piping sedatives into our office via the air ducts.  So sleepy.

I don’t like Chinese food.  Though I suspect that if I were actually in China, I’d like the food just fine.

Daylight Saving Time.  Useless.

I know entirely too much about people’s personal lives.  Thank you, technology.

Who is this Adele and why is everyone talking about how amazing she is?  OK, after Youtubing it, I think I’ve actually heard this song before.  Very nice.

Overheard in my office: “My breath smells like a crustacean!”

I keep forgetting to take my name tag off.  No, it’s not the one that says Evil.

I think time is moving backwards.

The time is near.

The time is now.



  1. bunny

    I’m going to pretend I’m on the road trip too. To assist with the fantasy, I’ll buy our groceries at the gas station on the corner. CORN NUTS!!!

    • AntiJenX

      Are they BBQ?

  2. Mike

    I’m going to pretend I’m on one, too. And that I’m showing up with Starbucks for all.

    Your list of ransoms makes me smile.

    I realize I accidentally typed “ransoms” instead of “randoms” but decided to leave it because quite frankly, I bet your ransoms would be fun to read.

    • AntiJenX

      I could think of some pretty good ransoms. They probably wouldn’t all involve Scotch.

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