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Random Wednesday

Stop. Whistling!

Another long day ahead.

I really need to get batteries for my remote.


Meat glue!

Wait, you had a meeting yesterday to discuss the meeting you were supposed to have today?

Odyssey Dawn.  Who thinks this crap up?

My head still hurts.

I don’t care for soup.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this.

This could be a good morning for a chocolate chip scone.  But I’d probably just want to kick my own ass for eating it.

Dear NOW, defending a woman against a tasteless slur is sort of undercut by your immediate attack on the “right wing agenda” of distracting you from your goal.  We don’t really need your help.  Thanks anyway.

I just read this in regard to abortion: “All people should have the right to do with their bodies whatever they want as long as they do not hurt other people physically.”  … Are you not physically hurting another person when performing an abortion?  Isn’t that the very specific goal of abortion?  To end a life – sort of the ultimate in hurting another person?  Just, you know, something I was wondering.

There is a very good chance I’m having a mood.

Apparently I never logged into my work email this morning.

79 isn’t so old.

I haven’t had a chocolate chip scone since Christmas.

Maybe Liz Taylor and Michael Jackson have embarked on some creepy afterlife weirdness.

I’ve moved on to the iced tea.  I resisted the scone.  Sigh.

Castle doesn’t seem to be getting much better.  But I can’t stop watching.  It’s like reading a cheap throwaway paperback mystery.  Not the worst thing you’ve read, but not worth an Edgar either.  The opening scene of the Halloween episode was awesome though.  ♥ Captain Mal.

I wish I had Angry Birds on my work computer.

Lord.  Could someone please put a muzzle on post Whiskeytown Ryan Adams?  Thanks muchly.

I wonder why my liberal friends are being so quiet about Libya.

Seizing power at every turn.

I always think a nap would be awesome, but I never take one.  Right now a nap would be awesome.

James Marsters has the teensiest bit of south in his accent.  Interesting.


Why does it smell like moldy pine tree in here?  It is not a pleasant odor.

Interesting.  The Mister doesn’t usually go in for blonds.

If you’re anti-Israel, there is probably something wrong with you.

Apparently “interesting” is my word of the day.  Interesting.


Hugh Laurie.  Yum.  I don’t know about the singing though.

This day simply refuses to end.

The Census data show that Detroit has lost 25% of their population in the last ten years.  Yes, I can see how we really need another bridge to Canadia now.  I’m convinced!

Anticlimactic, I know.

And your little dog too.


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  1. ScottO

    You’ve never heard of a pre-meeting? I would think you were a Dilbert fan.

    I’ve often thought that of all the American accents, that of the Deep South is the closest to South English.

    And my little dog is gone. I blame Canadia.

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