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Random Wednesday

I couldn’t remember.

It is never going to be warm again.

But if I leave today.

Nosy McWaddlepants.  An overweight, middle aged, desperately unhappy woman who has made it her life’s work to bring me down with her.  I won’t let it happen!!!

I’m working on perfecting the art of ignoring people.

Knitty is all socks and shawls these days.  I haven’t found anything I wanted to knit there in a very long time.

Reason Magazine and the Libertarian Party are attacking Paul Ryan’s budget proposal for not going far enough.  Reason criticized Ryan for “punting” on Social Security.  The thing is, Ryan did address Social Security along with several other things in his Roadmap Plan.  But no one wanted to listen.  Everyone rejected it.  So he’s offered a compromise.  And no one wants the compromise either.  It’s absurd.  We have to start somewhere and frankly, no one else is offering an alternative.  Why is it so difficult to view this as a starting point and go from there?  Everyone wants to talk about cutting spending, but no one actually wants to stop spending.

I cannot spend the rest of my life in this cubicle hell listening to this woman spout motivational catch phrases.  There are far too many potential projectiles on my desk.

Aaaaaaand there’s the stench.  yay.

I always wanted to learn sword fighting.  I have no idea how I would accomplish that.  I can’t even find a Krav Maga class.

An ass ton?  What’s an ass ton?  I suspect it’s less than a fuckton.

I still haven’t managed to learn to properly use my sewing machine.  I did manage to take a step toward learning Tunisian crochet and have materials on the way.  I’m not completely lazy.

I always type crochet as corchet first.  Which isn’t as funny as my other common typo – POUTS instead of POTUS.  Honestly most people don’t even notice that mistake.

I wish I liked yogurt.

It’s like that Vonnegut story about those kids who live on Venus.  I think it was Vonnegut.  Was it Bradbury?  I can’t remember now.  And I can never remember the title either.  But the story sticks with me, because these children are sent to live on Venus and it rains 24 hours a day and the sun only comes out once every 7 years.  And the mean kids locked the little girl recently arrived from Earth in the closet so she missed the sun.  Incredibly sad.

I’ve never been to Disney anything.  Well.  I’ve been to the Disney Store.  I’m talking theme parks here.

Soul. Sucking. Hell.

You could make us coffee for a dollar, but everyone would be too afraid to drink it in light of your personal hygiene.

I used to be able to be zennish.  What the hell happened to that?  I want zennish back.

Wow.  Random is depressing today.  Argh.

Aw my Twitter buddies are trying to cheer me up. Dear God.


I also always add a g to cousin.  I have no idea why.

I think I need to make a chocolate cake.

Now I have the Posies stuck in my head.

Lunch!  Walk!  Tea!

I’m already tired of the polls on FB.

I’m not lazy at all, in fact.

I can’t stand hi-def processing on photographs.  It’s awful.

I’ve never actually been hunting.

Every time I watch the Body (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) or A Hole in the World (Angel), I cry my eyes out.  They just break my heart.  Every time.

Now I’m in the mood to watch Buffy.  We just started watching the Wire.  We’re only two episodes into the first season so I don’t really have an opinion yet other than that everyone seems a little awkward.  Except the gangster types.

Coffee and dissidence?

I always wanted one of those BowFlex machines.

My windshield wipers fell apart on my drive home.  That was fun.


My internet is … well I’m sure you can guess.

Just forget the world, Miss Lady.



  1. bunny

    It’s Bradbury – “All Summer in a Day”. I love that story.

    • AntiJenX

      Yes! Thank you 🙂

  2. amclimer

    “I also always add a g to cousin. I have no idea why.”

    As do I, sister. Every single time.

    • AntiJenX

      It must surely be a sign of genius.

  3. FinnTrinsic

    Sorry to hear about the hippotacoworker…one in every office it seems.

    Wander down to WMU’s theater dept…find the stage combat folks…they will teach you to swing swords…do NOT bring swords to the office. (they make you leave for that)

    …Was that Zennish? or disinterested?

    And if you want go hunting let me know, just bear in mind you might have to make a road trip to the people’s republic of Madison.

    Stay strong Ms. Townsend,


    • AntiJenX

      Maybe a little of both – disinterest and zennishness.

      I don’t know why the theater department didn’t occur to me.

      I’ll get back to you on hunting. I’m not sure I’m quite ready for it.

      Thank you

  4. danielle cover

    my understanding is that 5 shit-tons are a fuckton. and an ass-ton is 1/2 a fuckton. but i’d have to check my sources to be certain.

    • AntiJenX

      where does a metric fuckton fit in?

  5. ScottO

    The local community college offers a fencing class. I took two semesters. There is a surprisingly large group (a couple dozen) of people in Reno who fence. We held a meet. I was the only one who scored 0 touches. Even against the guy I didn’t like. I don’t fence anymore. I still remember the salute, though!

    Erasing world memories now. 30 seconds remaining.

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