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Random Wednesday

I should have been a music video director.

eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs

It’s nothing like honey.

150 years since the Civil War began.  I should get my Antietam photos posted.

It’s chilly in here.

That may have been the shortest staff meeting ever.

It’s my birthday week.  Send presents.

Coworker dreamed I gave her a really fancy doll house.  She was very happy.  I said, “Well.  I try.”

Out for a walk.  Bitch.

I was just asked to sign a petition to get a law passed to allow US citizens to vote over the internet.  Just think of the potential for voter fraud should that happen.

Meanwhile, across the street, a group is gathering to trek to the capitol to protest the governor.  Again.

Last night Miss W made up a song about “Oh, I am so beautiful!”  I sang “You’re so vain, you prob’ly think this song is about you, now go brush your teeeeeth!”  Good times.

Wow.  Coworker is actually watching a Harry Potter movie instead of working.  Unbelievable.  How does she have a job?

Of course I ask myself that question every day and have yet to come up with an answer.

I could use a Mountain Dew.  Haven’t had one of those in a long time.


Neil Gaiman contest.  Interesting.

Oooh it’s “Give Jen Money Day”!  Excellent.

OK ok ok ok ok.  I’ll do it.

Those fb polls are weird.

I just think Bob Jones University sounds like a made up name.

Everyone is leaving me.  Wish I could take a nap.

Text book acquisition fail.

Man it’s gorgeous outside.  However, I’m now roasting from my walk.

Basement exploration.  There are a ton of t shirts down there.  Someone needs to share the wealth.  Also I found a tunnel.  I really need a flashlight and Ripper.

Oh!  Season One of Angel sounds good right now.

Devil cats.  Not as cool as Laser Cats.

Huh.  I just ripped that fingernail clean off.

I would do it if I were you.  I might not do it if I were me though.

I really need that stuff.  It’s not Vick’s.  It’s a special thing that cops and doctors and stuff use.  They put it under their noses at crime scenes.  I need that stuff.  Every day.

Game of Thrones starts this weekend!  Soooooooo excited!

Miserable things.  Just drive it all over me.



  1. deb

    not a single link in the whole thing??

    • AntiJenX

      I know. Highly unusual. Are you disappointed? It was a weird day.

  2. ScottO

    You mean, Bob Jones University isn’t made up?

    • AntiJenX

      It’s a Christian university in South Carolina. But every time I hear the name it makes me laugh.

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