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Random Wednesday

If I knew anything about physics I would master time travel and then we’d all be in trouble.

The angry heater gnomes are some kinda loud this morning.

Yes, I’m sure that it’s necessary to call Ghostbusters because you lost a yogurt cup.  You should get right on that.

I’m very much starting to

Maybe you’re trying too hard.

I always read wintery mix as wintery minx and think – saucy!

You should vote for me today.  And tomorrow.  And the next day.

Grr. Widget.

Dance party Wednesday!

Could someone please tell Donald Trump to just stop?

Could someone please tell Nosy McWaddlepants to go be loud near someone else’s cube?

I rarely want to know.


Well hello, tiny Snickers.

When did the American Dream become mediocrity?


Why does anyone ever worry about inspiration?  I think those people must be stumbling through life very deeply asleep.

Head.  Hurt.  Sad.

Despite what you may believe, I keep an astonishing amount of commentary to myself.

I’m too short for those maxi dresses.

Hemingway.  Truth.  Photographs.  Intriguing.

I’m not sure a sweater vest is the way to go.

The Redhead is now thanking the Gods that I am the only me in the universe.

It takes a special kind of asshole to make fun of a child with Down’s Syndrome simply because that child’s mother is Sarah Palin.

Peeps.  Ick.

I don’t get Tumblr.

Weird.   Fragment.  Sentence.  Day.


Very strong pain killers, big fluffy down comforter, jammies, hot tea.  That’s what I desperately want right this minute.  And maybe some snuggles.

You need a new photo.  Come here and I will take your picture.

Dear Everyone, It’s really really wonderful that you all get a long weekend.  So happy for you, really.  I don’t, though.  So STFU.  Thanks.

“I don’t have time to decipher this Christian sub text!”

I just broke my thumbnail on A Clash of Kings.  The painful kind of break.  Sigh.

I have to go purchase an alien crash kit now.

It’s better than bad, Log Lady.



  1. ScottO

    I would be honored to have you take my picture. You wintery minx. Tiny Snickers FTW!

    • AntiJenX


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