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Random Wednesday

I’m just trying to ignore the ghosts.

I have to remember to bring earplugs.

I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever been to Idaho.

That woman is so full of B.S., it’s a marvel and a wonder she can breathe.

It is 20 minutes earlier than I thought it was.

I like it when people give pets people names.  Like Larry.  Or Bob.  Or Steve.

A year’s worth of stationery?

I can relate to the whole “If Bush had done that …”  If I sat at my desk watching Netflix all day, I’d be fired, but the human blob in the next cube operates with impunity.

I occasionally forget that Rhode Island is a state.  Which is funnier when you know that some of my chickens are Rhode Island Reds.

Yacht rock.  Please.  Just no.

A useful meeting for once.

My house is not prepared for guests.  Don’t drop by unannounced.  There are, of course, certain exceptions that I will allow.

Students respond to that tool, Michael Moore.

Seedy urgency.

We have to invent entirely new words to accurately describe this woman.  The English language is thus far not equipped.

I’ve always been more of a Star Trek girl. Who needs the Jedi mind trick when you can use the Vulcan death grip?

Ew!  Underbelly!  Underbelly!  My eyes!  My eyes!

But.  If.  Except.

Aw, chewy Sprees!  Thank you workout buddy.

Ooh!  Ali!  Sprees and Pepsi!

Oh my goodness, where did the chaos come from??

The glasses lady is wrong.

Oh oh oh!  Lance Henriksen’s autobiography is out!  And he’ll sign it!  Want!

Excellent choice by the Redhead.


I’m really fond of today’s photo.  I’m not sure what kind of tree that is, but I had thought it was a Dogwood.  Anyway.  I really like how it turned out with that processing.

All the ice in my Diet Coke melted.  Sigh.

Why is the human blob staring at me?  I’ll stare back.  I don’t intimidate.  But I do intimidate. Why do people say “I don’t intimidate”?  Is that proper?  “I cannot be intimidated.”  “The human blob can’t intimidate me.”

I simply do not know.

Purple monkey dishwasher.

I had this English class in high school.  Well I had four.  But in this one we had this assignment to keep a daily journal all year.  I couldn’t be arsed.  I’ve never ever been able to keep a daily journal.  At least not the written kind.  The photographic kind – easy peasy pumpkin squeezy, as Miss W says.  So, I’d skip it all week and Sunday night I’d write 7 fake entries.  That was sort of fun.  My teacher (whom I suspect didn’t much care for me) commented about how “interesting” my “disjointed ramblings” were.  I might still have that thing somewhere.

Dear Real Simple.  Here’s a very simple concept for you: Stop making every other recipe you send out to people some type of fish.  I know it’s shocking, but not all of us eat fish.  Some of us find fish to be a vile and loathsome horror show, the very scent of which enough to trigger our gag reflexes.  Thanks very much.  Sincerely, The girl who likes her food to have lungs not gills.  (though she won’t eat lungs either)

I know.  It is particularly difficult to squeeze a pumpkin.  What’s your point?

Shockingly good day at work.  How bizarre.

Rocket.  Man.

Nice!  I was invited to join the Honors College again!  I’m a smarty pants.  But I never join.  I’m not really a joiner.

Please.  Please.  I’m begging you.  Listen.  Take notes.  I cannot explain it AGAIN.

In law dinner tonight.

I don’t know.  The gray streak is getting to me this week.

Zebra muffin?

Seriously.  How flat out smokin’ hot would I look in this bathing suit?  I’d be a hazard.  I need it.  Plus, totally patriotic!





  1. angela

    front bum.

    i have someone i loathe as much as your blob.

    and she has a front bum.

    • AntiJenX

      oh lord. i’m so sorry.

  2. ScottO

    Not a dogwood, according to a brochure I read in church school, which claims that dogwoods have four petals (bracts). Wikipedia confirms that claim, darn the luck. Really nice image, though.

    Didn’t you have a useful meeting “for once” last Wednesday?

    My DW named her cat Valerie, may she rest in peace. The cat, not the DW.

    Curious George is a dishwasher in your employer’s cafeteria?!

    I agree with you on fish. If it can’t drown, I won’t touch it.

    Smokin’ hot, yowza!

    • AntiJenX

      No, last week’s “productive meeting” was sarcastic because the only thing it produced was animosity.

      I’ve always liked the name Valerie.

      Well, damn. Now I have no idea what that tree is.

  3. deb

    The death grip requires a physical proximity that the Jedi mind trick does not, and is therefore inferior.

    You’re already a hazard.

    • AntiJenX

      Not inferior if you like to get up close and personal for the kill.

      I’m totally a hazard.

  4. Manda

    I remember that assignment. I did the same thing. I still can’t journal.

    I am totally dropping by….how about Monday night May 16th? Is it still dropping by if you schedule ahead??

    • AntiJenX

      No, it’s not the same. I’m putting you on my calender. Dinner?

      Were we in that class together? It was either freshman or sophomore year. Was it junior or senior year that I corrected Mrs. Pohler’s spelling mistake and was public enemy number one for the remainder of the year?

      • AntiJenX

        I think I spelled her name wrong. How funny.

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