“If you’re old enough to talk, you’re old enough to listen; and if you’re old enough to listen you should be on a camel.” ~ Weird quote from a very weird dream.

“There is a large fountain in Fountain Plaza.”

New on my list of favorite songs.

Why do they even put a question mark after hoax?  I love that stuff.

I can’t believe it’s June already.

I’m making a list of all the weirdness in MI that I want to visit before I give up the ghost.

Estate of My Deceased Client 01-06-2011 High quality spy cameras British House of Common Now make 1000$ to 5000$ Should you buy a foreclosed property? Affordable interest rate Get discount perfume and Incorporate in Nevada.  Spam for breakfast.

“Jennifer likes Diet Coke.”

“I’m like and she was like and I’m like”  Ugh.

My bracelet got caught on the phone cord.  Wacky hijinks did not quite ensue.

I’m so completely meh today.  I feel like I’m on Prozac or stomething.  It’s MEHsday.

I need more cute skirts.

I think I forgot deodorant this morning.  Good thing I keep some here.  I’m like a Boy Scout or something.

You are strongly encouraged to visit our souvenir shop.

Oooh!  Free donuts at Dunkin this Friday!  National Donut Day!  sooooooo yummy.


I wonder where the Mister is.

There are 8 days remaining.

Yes  No  Maybe   Circle One

Well that was a narrowly averted aspirin disaster.

Oops.  I wasn’t going to speak up about the AC.  But come on!  It’s perfect in here!

My hair needs to grow faster.

Awkward and annoying.


Make it stop.

Apparently it’s “Give Jen all the crazy people phone calls” day.

Just.  Tiresome.  That’s it.  Tiresome.

Oh honey.  That’s just your cranky pants talking.


Um. And by that he means “yes”.

I have entirely lost momentum.

The other side of the room turned their AC on.  Our side of the room has all the windows open.  Ridiculous.

Chest noodles!

I can’t tell you that.

And then the dinosaur ate the zombie that at the hobo.  The end.