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Random Wednesday

Overslept by an hour.  Can’t remember the last time I did that.  Throws my entire internal balance off.

They broke the AC.  That’s what happens when you run it constantly.  Despite my glee at not freezing to death I swear I didn’t break it.

Ooooh K brought the amazingly delicious obscenely fattening dip.  Must resist.

Open the windows!  Open the windows!

Oh no.  She’s quitting smoking again.  I need soundproofing for my cube.

Today’s soundtrack: The Cars – Greatest Hits.

I miss going out dancing every week.

Stop pinging!


Dammit!  The third floor knows my name now.  It’s all “Give Jen the special special projects!” all the time now!

Parasitism.  Excellent piece by Victor Davis Hanson.

Oh  it’s Bruce Campbell‘s birthday!  Happy Birthday, Bruce Campbell!  He’s so awesome.  Michigander!

Nothing creeps me out more than when activists or government officials start talking population control.


My will is weak.  I will not go back for seconds.  In fact, I better go walk that off.

So.  Humid.  Storm again already!

Check out my friend Dan’s new site.

For the love of all things strange OPEN A WINDOW!

Darth Vader.  You goofball.

I’m so zennish these days that my crazy Helena Bonham Carter/Glenn Close hair isn’t even annoying me.  That’s right.  I’m embracing the fro.

Why don’t I have the “action” option?  Why can’t I remove myself from this frenzy of reply all nonsense?  Let me go, damn you!  Let me go!!!

A pox on the creator of “Reply All”.  A pox I say.

He’s hitting the ice cream truck with Pontius Pilate.

Thunder!  This is Jen weather all over the place.  Wait.  Sun??  Hissssss!

I haven’t had a good scalp massage in entirely too long.

I don’t know what to do with these fragments of conversation.  You’re not there.



The Anti Terrorist and Monetary Crimes Division of what?

I’m not part of that world.  I just have this one.  It’s very small.  Cozy.


Random non sequitous.

It’s like an irritating joke that’s been told too many times.

Damn, they fixed the AC.

No one is appreciating the pants-wetting hi-larity.


My check from the Koch brothers must be running late this month.

And now for your Damian Lewis break.

I don’t have any vowels, damn you!

We can’t all wear toast on our ears.



  1. deb

    I especially like the days when I understand half of what you’re on about. They make me smile.

    I wet my pants *yesterday*, but I still find you amusing today. Remind me to tell you about that tomorrow.

    • AntiJenX

      Why didn’t you tell me about yesterday’s pants wetting today?

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