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Random Wednesday

I like stickers.

The only thing I ever collected with any seriousness was post cards.  Happily they’re so easy to store.


I’m glad the humidity has broken.

I don’t know, the kindness of my heart?  Yes, contrary to popular rumor, I do have a heart.

These two are just never happy.  They just never stop complaining.

National Scotch Day!  Yes, please, thank you!

I should randomly switch random days on you.  Random Friday!  Ha!  What?  Random Sunday?  Yeah.  None of them really have the same … I dunno.

I’m so tired.  I probably need more iron.  Maybe I should start drinking blood.  Isn’t that what we rabid cons are supposed to be doing?  Blood sucking?

You are not hurting my feelings, lady.  But you sure are amusing.


Sparrows of doom!


vacation.  want more vacation.

Counting the wows.  They seem to be on the low side today.  Unusual.

Pending.  No more pending!

I’m getting mighty tired of bologna sandwiches.

Don’t eat your sweater!

Isn’t terrorism antithetical to libertarianism?


No links yet today.  More unusual.

Here’s a little something for you …

Ha.  Swiss cheese.

Hell’s Bells it’s almost August!  Halloween is getting closer all the time!  Still not decided on doing the month of photos again this year.

It’s like we’re speaking two different languages at each other.  I can understand you, but you have no idea what I’m saying.


Oooh it’s dark and gloomy! My favorite.

“Individually wrapped sun dried plums”?  Aren’t those prunes?

Yes it is an envelope full of human hair.  What’s your point?


Well, of course I left my umbrella in the car.  Where else would it be?

Pouring.  Thundery.  Lightningish.  Also my favorite.

No.  We voted to get rid of Affirmative Action.  Don’t bring the damn thing back.  How is banning this form of racial discrimination unconstitutional?  Ridiculous.

How will you ever make it through something like Game of Thrones if you can’t even make it through Deja Dead?

It’s a mellowish melancholyish subduedish afternoon.  You need this.

I don’t want to go to the gym.  I just want to go home.

What the hell is Fathead and why would I want half off from it?

I kind of love this.  It would be so cool in the middle of January when we’re longing for July.


I don’t wanna.

Shiftless when idle.

Extra eyelid skin?



I’m full of tinier –

Hello mosquito.

I don’t have a Kindle.  I have to wait for the mail.

I am not good at games.

It’s a shame I’m not wealthy.

I don’t think occultification is a word.

I could totally go for a cupcake right now.

I realize that I don’t have to understand.  But the not understanding is making my brain hurt.

I had no idea that that’s what that meant.  Interesting.

Not exactly a black magic woman.


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  1. deb

    i don’t think i’ll need to eat my sweater after all

    it’s a lizard thing – you wouldn’t understand

    it’s a crying shame

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