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Random Wednesday – Not In The Office Edition

I hate painting.

I’m thinking of saving the ceilings for next year.

Painting acrobatics.  No wonder I’m sore.


I need curtains.

Oooh!  It’s #AskObama day on the Twitters.  Mwah-ha-ha-ha.

I found a picture of you …

I think he’s just hungover.

Of course it was the wrong card.

Oh, what a mess!

I think we should just go.

Pale straw.

Jesus, I didn’t realize it was 30 days.

Aw!  Cutie little punkins.

This is taking so much longer than I anticipated.

Well.  Lunch and then reassembly.

How can you fight an iguana that’s invisible?


What’s wrong with your eye, cupcake?

No, no, no.  The tabs are all out of order.  I don’t know where anything is!


My kitchen is looking so nice!  Can someone please come and finish putting it back together for me?  Thanks ever so.


This is the worst Random ever.  I’m just everywhere but here today.  My mind is entirely elsewhere.  My body is dealing with the typhoon that went through my house.

I don’t think my foot is supposed to twitch like that …


I feel like I have to sneeze.  But I’m not sneezing.  I hate that.  It’s so unsatisfying.

My apologies.

It’s the Universe, you see.  It’s just so monumentally, spectacularly, obscenely unfair this week.  I have no adjectives giganomous enough for the enormity of the ass kicking I’m taking from the Universe right now.

There just isn’t enough time.  There’s never enough time.  It’s just not right.

Too much Diet Coke.

I’m tired!

I’m probably stinky.

Well.  I am jealous but being jealous doesn’t get me any where.  Just makes me feel bad.

I think I might actually, for the first time ever, be kind of sick of pizza.

Uh oh!  Look out chickens!

I melted the spatula.  I’ve never done that before.  Stupid wrong burner.

Miss W drives the tractor better than her 18 year old brother drives a car.

Too much pet hair!!!

Caffeine free?  What’s the point?

Ahhh shower.  Clean.  It’s heavenly.  Could still use a massage.

It’s so late!  Super mega late Random.

Well damn.

I haven’t touched that text book.  Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

Now I want cupcakes.  Maybe I’ll make cupcakes tomorrow.  And touch the text book.  And not clean or paint or anything remotely strenuous.

Stupid Universe.


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  1. deb

    I fight invisible iguanas all the time. No big deal.

    I doubt very seriously that you are stinky.


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