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Random Wednesday – Oh the Humidity Revisited

Can’t win.  Tired of trying.

It’s the ridiculous that keeps me sane.

A credo.  Yeah, that’s probably a good thing to have.

Interesting.  All those clouds.

She just ruins everything.

The charts could be a code.

Do you EVER stop talking?  Your voice is scratchy and mean.  Just be quiet.

Excellent mix on the borrowed Zune this morning.

I’m wearing a belt.  That’s a little weird.  Also it’s macrame or something.  Very 70s.


It could be gloomier.

I don’t know how to do that.


The speed of sound.

Rock on, monkey pants.  Rock on.

Two women in conversation as they smoke:
“The air isn’t supposed to be something you can feel.  It’s heavy!  It’s, like, suffocating!” “Yeah, it makes it kinda hard to breathe.”

I’d like Cut, Cap and Balance more if it didn’t allow a debt ceiling increase.  But.  Good job, GOP.


I have never liked John Steinbeck.

Spreadsheets.  My very favorite.

Long distance.

It’s all over now.

You’d think it’s never been humid here before.  Hello!  We’re a frigging peninsula.  It’s going to be humid in July.  Yes, we’re all miserable.  Your incessant whining about it doesn’t make any of us feel better.

“Hello I guess.” is probably not the best way to answer your work phone.  Just, you know, FYI.

It’s that time of year again, over at Day By Day.  My pal Chris Muir – who will draw me one day! – is running his annual fund raiser.  If you’ve enjoyed the strip at all, you should consider donating.  In this economy, every little bit helps.  And if you haven’t checked it out – do it now!  Good stuff.  And Zed.  mmmmZedmmmm

I am so chipper!  I should get an Oscar.  Does that come with money?

Speaking of donating to everyone, you could hit my donate tab too, contribute to my iPod Touch fund.  Thank you, ever so.

“It doesn’t take a brain scientist to figure that out!”  I think they call those “neurologists”.   Just in case you were wondering.

No.  No, I’m sorry, those are two completely different things.  Sorbet is not sherbet.  It just isn’t.

Your lunch smells like my dog.


I bought 100 rounds of ammunition yesterday.  Guy in sporting goods seemed put out.  You want ammunition?  Is that all?

I don’t care what anyone says about this album, I love this song.

Oh work drama.  Hi-larious.

That girl’s earrings are as big as her face.  Seems like that would be kind of uncomfortable to have hanging from your ears.

You don’t even say hello?

Find the fish!

Mozarella Filofax.

No one is ever going to care that tomorrow is your Friday.

I finally watched the Pacific.  I like Band of Brothers better.  But.  I just can’t even imagine how those guys survived Guadalcanal or Pavuvu or Peileilu.  I simply can’t convey my respect for those men.  That shit was insane.

Ha!  Adam West floor.

This might just be among the weirdest matter of fact conversations I’ve ever had with the Mister.

You need some Aerosmith in your day.


What?  Obviously everyone loves Aerosmith.

Why is the Google logo peas today?  I frigging hate peas.  Oh.  Mendel.  Bees are good.  They should have used bees.

Taco send office?  This place is so weird.

The latest item on my want want want list.  You can picture me there, right?  I’ve seriously always wanted to be a Bond Girl.  Not even joking.

Perhaps while composing your voice mail greeting you should scrap the phrase “love you”.  Second time today I’ve encountered that one.  People are so strange.


My hair isn’t growing fast enough.

It’ll be a massacre.



  1. ScottO

    If you see a code in the charts, you may be suffering schizophrenia. Remember Russell Crowe in A BEAUTIFUL MIND?

    I’m a bit surprised you didn’t have a link for It’s All Over Now.

    I liked the cat pushing the guy off the ledge.


    • AntiJenX

      I was thinking Dylan.

      I didn’t see the film, I made it almost all the way through the book.

  2. Beth

    The bees wouldn’t have worked. The bees are all girls. I know you know this, but I have a thing for genetics. It’s fascinating to me. So insanely logical and yet so essentially bizarre. Also, I can’t imagine the degree of boredom that would drive a man to manually pollinate peas, then count them. 9:3:3:1

    • AntiJenX

      Well, that’s true. I just meant for Google. I like bees. I think Mendel was maybe not altogether all together.

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