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Random Wednesday – Standard Cubicle Edition

Mohair.   Going to have to try working something in mohair.

It smells like bacon in here.  Much better than what it usually smells like.

What would possess you to take things down in my cube?  It’s not your cube.  Don’t touch my stuff.

So many GPAs.  So monumentally dull.


I think I need some Aleve.

I can’t find it.

Where are you hiding the eggs, dammit?  Lazy chickens.

Danger.  Zombies.  Run.

It would be cool to have some 600 film for the Polaroid, but I’m not willing to pay Impossible Project prices for it.  Miss W wants an Instax like mine.

So.  About that vacation do over.  I’ll be needing some cash and about 97% less bad news, thank you ever so.

I think every muscle in my body hurts.  Well maybe not that one.  But the rest of them.  Ouch.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before.  Work theme song or something.

Grayer and grayer.

I don’t like it when they huddle and whisper.  It makes me paranoid.  Particularly since they’re not especially nice people.

Well, that’s an interesting look.

Damn.  I don’t want to go by myself.

Take a break.

Batteries batteries batteries.


Mrs. POTUS.  Michelle.  Honey.  Listen to me.  STFU and listen to me.  Go on and eat your fries and your shakes and your burgers and LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE.  #salt

I frigging hate peas.

Jesus, Mary and Oprah?!

I don’t know about Google +.  It’s kind of boring.  It’s all the same people I already talk to elsewhere.  I’m overlapping circles with people I want nothing to do with.  Meh.  I am, thus far, not impressed.


You’re retiring in 13 months?  I wonder how many people knew that before I did.


Danger.  Zombies.  Run.

Your mileage may vary.

Huh.  Well I didn’t miss the sound of your bitching at all, I can tell you that.

71 degrees and we’re turning the air on WHY?

Is there anything ruder than cracking your gum incessantly in an office full of people?  Your coworkers want to strangle you.


I’m sorry.  I just don’t care about your problems right now.  I’m tapped out.  Drained.  Exhausted of empathy.  Can’t be bothered.  Apathetic.  Got enough of my own right now, thank you very much.

Holy phone calls, bat man!


Also this.

The Spin Doctors?  Really?  Okaaaaaay.

I’ve loved this song since 1990 when I heard it for the first time on a bus in Sydney, Australia.

Crisp cucumber.

Achoo!  Many many achoos.  What the hell?

I think I better walk.

So.  If all those many many many people don’t get their social security checks next month, I wonder what will happen.  Will THAT be enough to ensure Obama does not get reelected in 2012? Rampant government spending is catching up with these fools and they’re still not admitting that the ONLY solution is to STOP spending.  No no no!  Just raise the debt ceiling.  It’s all good!  Foolishness.

Danger.  Zombies.  Run.


I know you like it when I pile on the links.

Dreamy.  Seriously dreamy.  But that is some mad expensive yarn.

It’s not like me to

Devil duckie eraser is crumbling to bits.

OK.  I’m gonna do it.  By myself.  Ugh.

I am not actually here right now.  Please come back tomorrow when I will be.

Alright.  That’s it.  I can’t tell you any more.

It’s only a memory.



  1. deb

    are you getting electric boobs to go with that mohair?

    I stole that from TLo, FYI

    The Spin Doctors? Aren’t they dead or something?

    I like the Anthracite mohair, for the record.

    • AntiJenX

      I’m probably not getting electric boobs. But that would be interesting.

      I don’t know where the Spin Doctors are. It’s entirely possible they’re dead. They certainly proved to be the ever ridiculed “One Hit Wonders”.

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