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Random Wednesday

The last time I looked at the clock it was 2:00.  My alarm went off at 5:30.  So tired I could cry.

Slow motion me.

This book is really good.  You should read it.

Meat is good for you.  Humans have eaten meat for thousands of years for a reason.

I hope Cowboys & Aliens comes to the cheap theater soon.  I can’t wait to see it.

hot cold hot cold hot cold


Are you lookin’ at my face?

Since I can’t remember when …

I’ve never actually seen Shark Week.

When my brain is tired I transpose numbers.  That’s not a good thing.


But how much IS the extension fee?

I think I might be too tired for random thoughts.

Rugs in perspective.

Well that’s useless.

Lucky duck.

Alibris has always been food to me.  Wait.  No it hasn’t.  It has always been good to me.

Ahhhhhhh sleep deprivation.

Overheard in my office: “Not everybody can have a rottweiler in their pants.”


Noooooo speakerphone!  Noooooooo!

I keep dropping my pencil.

More of a luke warm mess, really.


Thought that I was

I’m so tired.


Did I miss something entirely in some previous season of True Blood involving that eerie ass doll?  Because that whole doll thing this season just seems incredibly random.

Yes, they should still teach cursive in schools.  Everyone should learn cursive.  What happens when you need to sign your name if you don’t learn cursive?  You just print it out?  Classy.


I can’t find the period key ……………….

I just can’t ever hear the phrase “fish taco” without feeling slightly queasy.  Just ick.

No, I don’t think that rule has changed.  If it has, no one told me.  I cannot be held responsible.



There is no way on this earth I’m making it to the gym tonight.


Awwww, do I hafta?

I dunno, I think bunk beds are awesome.

Stuff for sale – we have it.

I’m sorry, I just can’t bring myself to say we HAS it.  It’s just wrong.

Cruel.  The clock on the wall is an hour fast.  Evil.

Stupid pony dogs.

My pencil has gone dull.

“You are posting comments too quickly.  Slow down.”



I’m trying to remember what I liked about her.  I cannot.

I wish there was a zombie 5k here.  Traverse City is too far away.  I’d only be in it for the t shirt.  And the brains.


Apparently I am not in the mood for the Gutter Twins.

Don’t even.  It ended up being so much longer than expected.

It’s the gravitational conundrum, you see.  It’ll get you every time.


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  1. deb

    I am confused by the icky doll as well – no idea what that’s about. If it WAS something, I missed it totally. And that whole story line is dumb to me. Arlene bugs me severely.

    M practices her signature on a regular basis, which i find amusing. both of mine learned cursive – no idea they were not teaching it any more.

    conundrum: circumnavigation!

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