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Random Wednesday

sing the prettiest songs

I woke up to Cyndi Lauper this morning – though not this song.

I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure repeatedly slamming your mouse against your desk is not going to make it work better.

How insular.

But what do I know?

No, I did not feel an earthquake yesterday.

Monster box.

This is a strange shirt.

Yes.  We’re all beneath you.  We get it.  You can stop talking now.

There is a common element.  Follow the clues.

This just breaks your heart.

Promotional photos.  Oh joy.

Now I want a cookie.

It’s my hair, you see.

Go slum it somewhere else, sister.

The internet has made 15 year old girls out of everyone.


Vituperative is a spitty word.  Staccato with a p.  pah-Tah pah-Tah pah-Tah


Happy things.  Things that make me happy.  Miss W’s giggle.  Wind up toys on my desk.  Milk chocolate M&Ms.  Pin ups.  Neil Gaiman.  Thunderstorms.  Wednesdays.  Fireflies.

Like red pepper.


Also cool.

“We are pursuing a number of leads and hope to have something more definite to tell you shortly.”

That couch is EATING her!

Too much yawning.

I need to thaw.

Red dye #2.

ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping

Put it in the post.  I like that phrase.

NINE minutes!

I can’t remember what I was going to say to

Bless you.

My lunch was not delicious.  It was the bread.  The bread was bad.  Bad bread.

It’s getting late.  Now it’s too late.

Stupid fax machine.  New fangled.

I miss letters.  A lot.  We lost something important there.

Town like the town where you live.

It should not be taking me all day to do this.

Do you?

This Jazz variety of apple is surprisingly tasty.  Very juicy.

Oops you see a crocodile, don’t forget to scream.

Pleasant Girl Defeats the Twatsquad!

Aside from this.

I bet I’d be a good rancher.

I know.  It’s eerie.  I don’t know what to tell you.  Have a cookie.

68 days til Halloween!  67 1/2 really.  66 if you don’t count Halloween itself because it’s the day in question.  Halloween!  Best day of the year.

I don’t know why they’re so evil.  But they can’t secretly stop time like we can.  So we got that going for us.

Which is nice.

You left the cage door open again, didn’t you?

They dropped the chain.  Things fall apart.



  1. deb

    a strange shirt for a strange girl. how fitting.

    i nearly ALWAYS want a cookie.

    I’m not sure why, but i’m always sort of startled when your trekkie geekness rears its oddly-shaped head.

    is that anything like ‘on the street where you live’?


    • AntiJenX

      Are you saying I’m so awesome you forget I’m a huge nerd?

      I still haven’t gotten a cookie.

      It is fitting, really. Quite strange. (In my head that sounded like Emma Peel)

      It’s not at all like ‘on the street where you live’ cos I live on a road.

      Damn skippy. Bitches.

  2. Momma

    I love Nerds, especially my firstborn.

    Shall I write you a letter?

    It’s actually IF you see a crocodile…

    I don’t have any cookies or I would share

    Did I say I love you?

    • AntiJenX

      Nerds are awesome, what’s not to love?

      Letters are always welcome.

      It always sounds like oops to me. But I love the little “ah!”

      I’ll just have to make some cookies.

      Yes. Back atcha.

  3. Bunny

    15-year-old girls is right. Sheesh. Like high school didn’t suck enough the first time around.

    • AntiJenX


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