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Random Wednesday – Fall Ballroom Edition – LP Version

this world is but a canvas to our imaginations.
henry david thoreau

Not a good day to feel like hell.  I sincerely wish I could have called in.

4:30 is entirely too early to wake up.

So much change.

School in a week.  The summer has flown.  It just doesn’t seem possible at all.  It’s too fast and it just gets faster.

I dunno.  The Mister is the funny one.

It’s probably the blood loss.  Just eat a cookie.

I bet the Fox exec that was responsible for canceling Firefly kicks his own ass every night before he goes to bed.

I need a new mouse, but my luck with hardware needs around here has been less than encouraging.  RAM.

Oh dear.  Well, the departments are happy at least.

Hip pain.  It has returned.  Fantastic.

Yesterday was Red’s birthday.  Wish her a happy.

That teacher doesn’t know the meaning of acronym.  She has it all backwards.

We need more math in our lives.  I need less math in my life.

The fractions did me in.


I don’t have a word.

Maybe I should take a walk.  Can I do that without vomiting?

I don’t know what that means.

There’s too much stuff in this refrigerator.

It’s not natural taking lunch so early.  I’ll be starving by 3.

I can’t remember the last time it was

It’s a process.  Who knew it was so bloody complicated?

I’ll have to email it to myself.

When was the last time I was on a plane?

Of course it’s cold in here.

Parking always has the huge lines.

Those are some tiny tiny shorts.

Knitting will keep my lap warm anyway.

What the hell is that rusty squeaky noise?  So very odd.

This is really sweet.

Calling cards.  Are those making a come back?

And here it is 3:00 and I’m not hungry at all.  Probably on account of the feeling icky.  OK maybe I’m a tiny bit peckish.

Hell’s bells that tiger is giganomous.  Where will we put it?

Class hasn’t even started yet and my poli-sci prof has already pissed me off twice.

Poison tongue.



  1. Bunny

    I just came to the heart-breaking realization tonight that “Serenity” is just a movie and not another series.

    • AntiJenX

      That is heartbreaking.

  2. deb

    we need more RAM, Jim!

    that rusty, squeaky noise is my brain trying to do fractions.

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