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A Wednesday of Non Specific Origin (Randomly Presented)

pick a card, any card

It’s the waiting.  No one tells you how exhausting that is.

It was a sarcastic remark meant to point out the irony of the statement.  Of course it was lost on them.

I was heavy.

Egg segregationism.

bag of bones bag of bones

What’s with the constant throat clearing?

Perhaps it’s time to review the difference between “want” and “need”.

The new spam I’m getting is so odd.  Strange sentences with one word completely jumbled.

I think a walk is in order.

Will it rain today?  I could do with a rain.

Three to five pages is too many.

Arthur Miller was a pompous ass.

I’m sorry, but I can make a distinction between awarding no bid contracts for a service that is actually used and awarding “stimulus” money to a company that had already proven to be a money hole.  I may not approve of the no bid tactic, but I’ll take it over throwing away our money, thank you.

Protoplasm.  Now that’s an interesting word.

I haven’t had Honeycrisp apples in ages.  These are nice and crisp but not as sweet as the Jazz are.  I might be finding myself more partial to the Jazz these days.  And thus concludes your weekly apple update.


Stop saying that.

Enough with the lists already.

It’s not a metamorphosis.

So much spam today.  I’m under attack.

Ebullience.  No one talks like that.


There’s a dirty cop on the stove??

Oh hell.  I had blocked this meeting from my mind entirely.  Damn.

Kinda short today isn’t it?

Enough with the sustainability already.

I’m so sick of buzz words.

I hate to leave you.

See?  My entire afternoon was taken up by that meeting.

I don’t think dark chocolate is all that special.  I like milk chocolate.  What’s wrong with milk chocolate?  Sometimes dark chocolate is just a little too much.

Dove says I have a great laugh.  How would they know?

Oh.  REM broke up?  I don’t think I’ve even bothered with their last 4 or so albums.  This is one of my faves of theirs.

I don’t need this headache right now.  Please take it away.

How very meta of you.

Assimilate.  Integrate.

Whirlyball?  Whirlyball???


I think you’re overthinking it entirely.

I think if you work in an office full of people you should probably go with the unscented lotion.  Especially if your scented lotion of choice smells like what I imagine a cheap whorehouse would smell like at the beginning of the night before all the added stench of naked ick.

Or, less disgustingly, when your scented lotion of choice is like an ice pick in my brain.

This is my body.  This is my blood.



  1. the redhead

    what? i like lists.

    i’m getting odd spam too. apparently there are a LOT of people out there giving money away.


  2. ScottO

    Milk chocolate, yea.

    White chocolate, boo-yah.

    Some of each FTW!

    Perhaps that lotion reeks of singed dirty cop.

  3. bunny

    Don’t go back to Rockville and drink another beer.

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