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Random. Wednesday.

life on the farm



I saw the movie, I don’t think I’d like the book.

Don’t judge me.  You know you love it too.  Unless you’re my husband, who is quite sure he has much better taste than I do.

With McCotter out I don’t know who I’m going to vote for.  Dammit.

My shoes smell like gasoline.

I dreamed my house was on fire.  I dreamed I was traded to another department.  I dreamed other things.  They all woke me up.  I did not sleep well.

I forgot why I went there.

But there is always something there …

I don’t want to bug you as I babble.

Apples and applications.

They’re always complaining about commercials.  I never know what they’re talking about.  Just turn off the tv.

Doohickey.  Thingamawhatsit.  SNAFU.

Winding sheet.  Blanket accusation.

The aimless killer shot the unsuspecting woman as she bent to pet the dog?

Haphazardly hazarding a guess.

This headache is growing massively.

Short.  Lacking in length.  Lacking in enthusiasm.

A wanton wandering vagrant.  Soulful vagabond.

From Red.  You’re welcome.

Also, this – because it’s true.  And not just of English teachers.

I’ve always liked the word desultory.

I’m horribly uninteresting today.  I know one or two of you automatically thought “Today?  She’s horribly uninteresting all the time!  Ha ha ha.”  To which I say, then why are you here?

Every time I hear the term rock and a hard place my brain automatically plays “caught between the Scylla and Charybdis“.  Just the one line.  I can’t help it.

I worry.  Excessively.

She’s an android and does not understand human feelings.  Her alien leaders did not teach her how to behave.

I didn’t “reluctantly” agree, Pastor man.  I readily, happily agreed.

You meant the world.

My rookie card is worth a small cookie.

It is true that I love Billy Idol.  Except that Christmas album, because that was just a really bad idea.

Probably if your number comes up as “Restricted” on my phone I’m not going to answer.

I don’t remember that song being that long.

You’re kind of a reluctant rebel.

Post Office.

I’m in some pain, you understand.

Ok, I’m out of 80s to torment you with.  I lost interest.

Oh please.  Make it stop.

There’s no disco here.

I like cheese.

Things are heavy.

budget budget budget

Fickle fortuitous frivolous folly.

Paper doll tossed with a wish into the fjord.  Just as quickly forgotten as lost.

I aimlessly wandered, because who wanders with purpose?



  1. the redhead

    must’ve been something you said

    there SHOULD be disco there.

    i’ll take my cookie now, thankyouverymuch

  2. bunny

    now I’ve got that song in my head.

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