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Random Wednesday – Fall Ballroom Edition – 12 Inch Single

it’s just a whisper

Three crashes this morning and it’s not even 8:30 yet.

Lunches are important.  Must remember.

6 hours.


Into the breach or something.

The monitor on this laptop is teeny.

My toes are cold.

Make that 4 crashes.

Would I like to read this chapter about the Constitution?  Why, yes, I would!

It’s weird doing things by phone.

I could totally be reading for fun right now and I’m doing homework.  I’m such a good kid.  Also a great big nerd.  But we already knew that.

Damn.  There’s no Youtube post for John Paul White’s Home.  You should find it and listen.  It’s good stuff.

Can’t make a link over here any way for some reason.  Ya’ll are going to be missing out on links today.  Try not to cry.

Boy the ballroom is non stop excitement.

A little birdie told me.  Creepy indeed.

Apples are yummy.

It’s funny cos it’s true.

These lids don’t really fit these cups.

I’m going to have to go outside and warm up in the 60 degrees.  Jaysus.  It’s hospital cold in this damn ballroom.

Today’s actually going pretty quickly.  Almost a shame.  It’s nice being over here.  Aside from the frigid temperature.

It should be lunch now.  Want lunch.

My sandwich box is defective.  One slice of bread is crazy moist.  The other slice of bread is hardish.  Sigh.

Down with the micro managing goobers!

Check and balance.  Balance and check.

Yes, the word cuntery was used.  What?  It’s a word now.

Crash averted.

I am not drinking ale today.  It’s probably for the best.

Are you you?  Or are you someone else pretending to be you?

Noncomittal nonsequiters notwithstanding.

It’s a nice day for a

Everything in my head has an Irish accent now.  It’s the book, you see.

Ahhh.  It’s so much warmer at my desk.

What an odd day this has been.

Strange clouds in my sky today.  Strange and interesting.

Yes, I have to say that overall I’m loving The Long Goodbye.

Well, look at that.  A link.  I wonder why I couldn’t make it work on that stupid laptop.

Ooooh.  I want to sleep in.  Yes please.

It’s sort of oblongish.  Oval even.

Somebody around here is mental and it isn’t me.

I’ll pass on the speechifying, thanks.

Gotta watch out for those ax murdery types.

Make a wish.  Don’t tell a soul.



  1. Bunny

    Cuntery is a fine, fine word.

  2. deb

    i love a 12 inch single!

    cuntery is an AWESOME word!

    i am most definitely someone else pretending to be you.


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