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A Wednesday of the Random Variety

little black flowers grow, in the sky

Bleah.  I really could have used one more sick day.

Cinnamon.  I could go for something cinnamon.

Also a lozenge.  But not a cinnamon lozenge.

I miss my bed.


I need more tea.  There is not enough tea.

My, what sharp teeth you have.

Surrounded.  I’m completely surrounded.  Send help.  SWAT is good.  I like a man in uniform who can shoot.

I have to admit that it’s weird to not be doing 31 Days of Halloween this year.  But it’s also kind of nice.  That’s a ton of work.

A+ never gets old.

What’s appealing about Cream of Wheat?  Nothing, that’s what.

Please stop helping us.

My claim to fame was to maim and to mangle …

I hate that feeling you get with a head cold where you constantly feel like you have to sneeze but only actually sneeze every five or ten minutes.  Argh.

Eat this, iron bitch!

I love my Nook Color.  It’s awesome.  Really, hugely, awesome.

I only have to make it to 4:00.

Halloween.  I love Halloween.  I don’t know why.  Halloween is better than Christmas.  Or birthdays.  If I could only have one special day a year for presents and fun, it would be Halloween.

Now I want to go home and curl up in bed with tea and watch Armageddon.

Of course, I don’t own Armageddon.

I had no idea.

How is it possible for one human being to contain this much snot?

Can’t no preacher man.

If life were even one tenth as bad as she constantly makes it out to be, we’d all have killed ourselves years ago.

I just rubbed Blistex all over my nose in an act of desperation.

Shoulda stayed home, silly jentober.


I was going to stop.  Now I think I’ll keep going until I hit my bed.

I don’t think it’s good for business if you don’t reply to an email, buddy.

I think I’m feeling peckish.

Ick.  Not lamb.

Oooh!  I can rearrange the order of my tabs!  I like it.

Oh my freaking – STOP SAYING LIKE!!!!!!

I’m all glassy eyed.  That doesn’t happen often.

I kinda feel like death.


I think I’m going to have to go with Herman Cain.  He makes the most sense to me.

I didn’t think I had used it yet.

Ow.  ow. ow. ow. ow. ow.  sigh.

“I want a camera that takes good pictures.”

You want to buy a house from me.  Or some art.  I’ve got a lot of furniture too.

I should eat something.

I didn’t know there were versions of Angry Birds.  I do, finally, know what they’re angry about.

Man, I hate that dog.

School, school, school, and more school.

One brick at a time, my dear.



  1. the redhead

    i’ve started putting a dash of cinnamon in my americano in the mornings. i like it.


    • AntiJenX

      i never did get any cinnamon. sigh. <3

  2. ScottO

    Cream of Wheat is a whole heckuva lot better than Malt-O-Meal. Especially when one puts cinnamon on it.

    I’ve missed you on Twitter, but now I know you are under the weather. Sending wishes for a quick recovery.

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