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Random Wednesday

it makes me dizzy dizzy dizzy in my head

Happy Anniversary, Mister.  You’re the best husband ever.

Bumper sticker on my way to work: “Annoy a conservative, think for yourself” … If more people thought for themselves, there would be a lot more conservatives in this world.

Goodreads should have a negative star rating.

Direct democracy cannot work on a national level, there are simply too many people.  That’s why this is a republic with a representative democracy.

Why do people whistle?  Particularly people who are completely, tragically, tone deaf.


The trouble is.  the trouble is.  I don’t know what to


Little pumpkins that taste like candy corn.  I don’t even like candy corn.

Your odd syllabic emphases are annoying.  And wrong.

That hug was just exactly what I needed.  Thank you.

Oooooh baby!  I miss babies.

Make up your MIND.  ARGH.

Mental.  Dangerously close to mental.


My shoes are stinky.

I don’t want my lunch.  I’ll eat it.  But it’s not what I want.

I think the windows are closed and no one has turned on the AC.  Oh no!!!  It’s the Apocalypse and no one told me!

I don’t have fun stuff to share with you today.



Oh crap.  Is that meeting today?  It’s going to suck.

This world needs more mad scientists.

Oh good.  Fewf! as Miss W would say.  No meeting today.

I get over there.  I look around.  And I don’t know where to start.  So I end up standing there thinking I shouldn’t even be there in the first place, she should, and it’s just messed up that she’s not.  And I just miss her.


Damn.  That is one seriously chirpy bird.

Like like like like like like like like.  Sigh.

Just go along.

Don’t let it kill you.

I might have missed it.

I have a photo to shoot.

You should have read the words.

He’s not the Big Blue Bug of social justice.



  1. Beth

    Happy to you and the Mister.
    I don’t know anyone who actually likes candy corn, do I? how to they manage to sell it?
    I could be a pretty good mad scientist…
    one day I want you to meet G, and then just sit and watch you together….

    • AntiJenX

      Thank you!
      Candy corn is disgusting.
      You would!
      I’d like that 🙂 Also, now I’m a little worried … this falls into mad scientist lab experiment doesn’t it?

  2. Bunny

    Aw. I felt that way about my mom’s stuff that I got after she died. Some of it was stuff I wanted ever since I was a little girl, but when I got it I thought, “Well, now I’d rather have HER than this cookie jar/painting/stuff.”

    • AntiJenX

      Yes. Exactly. sigh.

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