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Random Wednesday

Hell’s bells.

diamond who wants to stay coal

Once again, I’ve lost my zen … ishness.

Well.  Who wouldn’t?

Apparently there is such a thing as a “huddle coach”.  Who knew?  I have no idea what that means.


It’s so nice that you always ignore my questions.  I’m going to stop asking, which I suppose was your goal.

He doesn’t smell like himself.

I looked for you but you were gone.

I don’t understand vegans.

It’s nothing but dead weeds.

That word doesn’t have good synonyms.

Now they’re drinking cos everyone is dead.

So very true.


Dizzy.  so tired.

Stop. Talking. Now.

Christmas Tree Cakes.  Christmas Tree Bills.  Christmas Tree Tax.

Headache.  I’ll probably live.

Stop using the word “striven” in your essays, people.

I’m eating it.  Lunch time be damned.

Tons and bunches.

Spin it.




  1. ScottO

    Wow, a Random Wednesday with absolutely no links! It must have been a busy day.

    Lunch was breakfast. Had to find something else for lunch.

    I wonder if the dizziness was caused by the spinning?

  2. angela


  3. Bunny

    I could never be a vegan because, hello? Cheese?

    Also, butter.

    Also milk.

    But cheese! Have you ever eaten vegan cheese? It’s just wrong.

    • deb

      vegan cheese? what the everlasting fuck??

    • AntiJenX

      I didn’t know there *was* such a thing as vegan cheese. ick

  4. deb

    The ‘huddle coach’ is the motivator, I would imagine.

    I don’t smell like myself today either. I smell like R.

    Stars and stones.

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