happy christmas

I do not know when grades are posted.  I should probably look that up.

This headache is fantastic.  As in fantastically bad.

Oh, there they are.

I’ve always liked the word “malapropism”.

Monkey bandaids!

I saved you from the cliff.

highly favored

Why are we still on overtime?

I keep thinking it’s Friday.  I wish it was Friday.

I’m feeling very gloomy this morning.

Sometimes technology should be damned.  Things like not having to pay other people to develop your pictures are why I am now a cubicle monkey instead of sitting happily in my dark room, the reigning Lab Goddess.

Book orders were one of my very favorite things when I was a kid.  I remember how disappointed I was that you didn’t get to do them any more in middle school.

What the pine scented fuck?

Did I ever tell you about the –

Today is going to drag its ass like a three toed tree sloth.

Won’t mean a thing dear.

I don’t want soup.  I don’t know what I was thinking.   I don’t like soup.

See, it’s not like I work somewhere where I can still stand up in the middle of an extremely quiet room and yell VAGINA!

Why is the paperback cheaper than the eversion?  In what universe does that make sense?


Talking to Bruce Willis on the beach in Empire.  Better than the cliff dream.

Einsteins.  Still making me giggle.

It’s so foggy!


It’s traditional.

Holy wow!  That’s not something you see – ever.

So sleepy.  So very very very sleepy.

Man, I love Chris Isaak.

Is there a window open?  Probably.

I definitely need more caffeine.  My brain is determined to slip me into a coma now that I can finally slow down.

Wordy wordy wordy.

I very badly need new glasses.  I’m actually having trouble seeing some things.

I’m an unstoppable poetic force.  Uh huh.

She has a very masculine face.

You’ll have to ignore the stupid commercial.  It’s Christmas time in Hollis.

You still owe me a cookie, Red.

I’m kinda cold.

Hungry.  Is dinner time, yes?

I think it’s time to throw out that plant.

Can it be?

I can’t help it, I’ve been busy.

The Dominion!  I do so love Gul Dukat.

She is just never going to spell that word correctly, is she?

The dog turned the tree around.

Baby, it’s not your sleigh ride.

It’ll be morning soon enough.  It’ll be morning all too soon.