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Random Wednesday


It’s. Oh.  Huh.

I don’t want to help you because you’re mean.  But I’ll help you because I’m not.

Damn.  I brought the wrong book.

No!  No headache!  No!

13 days.

Happy as a clam.  Where does that come from?  What makes clams so damn happy?  And how would we even know if a clam was happy or sad or in the midst of a murderous rage?  It’s a clam.

are you alone now?

so cold.  so very cold.

Fight SOPA.

I do not want to work Saturday.  I do not want to work next Saturday either.

How do I get on these mailing lists?

I wish I carried a camera

I won’t say a word.

I like these “from where I stand” photos everyone is doing.  I think they’re fun.  Makes me want an iPod Touch even more so I could shoot some with those newfangled apps too.  But not that hipster app, cos I still hate that one.

Probably if you spent less time talking and talking and talking you wouldn’t be so far behind.  Hang up the phone.

Perhaps I was gone longer than I thought.

Quick!  To the Post Office!

There’s a long list.

Spit face!  What?

You have to keep moving!

Fight PIPA.

I’m excited about season 3.  You should check this show out.

5 inches of snow is nothing.  Silly westerners.

Crows are interesting creatures.

Sheesh.  The heater gnomes are particularly angry today.


I would consider moving down south if it weren’t for the size of the bugs and the poison of the snakes and spiders.

So sneezy today!

I think they’re on to me.

Such a slacker.

My knee is hurty.

sweet suite

I don’t even know where to start.

And while you’re fighting SOPA/PIPA, fight for the repeal of the NDAA as well.  The government won’t be satisfied until we’re all quiet slaves in a nightmarish, fascist reality.

but babe that doesn’t mean i’m gonna be a better man.

January always seems like it takes years to get through.


Oh yes, now I see.  That poor poor thing.  However does she manage?

sorry, please continue

Enough with the one sided business.  I’m moving on, thank you.

Oh, God.  No begging.

I ran with dirty angels

Duck butter???  Man this place is weird.

I’m off for a celebratory meal.  It will taste like victory.  And possibly scotch.

It’s not spilt milk.



  1. deb

    hey! my 5 inches is a totally BADASS 5 inches, so hush!


  2. Bunny

    I used to live those blurry parts of Mississippi; one part in the top half and one part just below the middle.

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