could it be so wrong, so wrong?
~the weakest shade of blue, pernice brothers

It’s the condescension, really. The condescension

8 days.

I need to get more thank you cards.

waste another year like a minute

I would like to go to New Orleans.

digits. digitalis.  digitalic.

Lent.  I don’t think I’ve ever given anything up for Lent.  Not even when I was Catholic.

I’m pretty sure I’ve accidentally engaged auto pilot.

Something I actually appreciated on HuffPo for a change.

“This week’s been 9 days long already!”  Amen, sister.

I don’t know how many people that is.  I should count.


What the predicate says.

Conferences conferences conferences.  Your daughter talks too much.  Yes, I know.

There’s pretty much a flood advisory every day of the year at this point.


We have to stick together.  Like a secret club.  Speak in code.

Hasn’t Pinterest been around for a few years?  It’s all anyone is talking about lately.

appreciate your concern

I will not miss your passive aggressive scented lotioning.

You are a toxic hate filled poisonous misery.

I need some water.

This is not a Journey kind of day.

How’s your skull?


Damn.  I’m out of ibuprophen.

These apples are teensy!

This one kind of tastes like dirt.

everyone everyone everyone

No, you start.

What the huh???

I will not vote for Gingrich.  I will not vote for Romney.  What a disaster.

My music mix is disappointing me today.

Hilarious because it isn’t.

ain’t no one

The numbers.

Ha!  I would totally wear this.

“Go forth and show em how it’s done,” she said to me.  I love that woman.

I havent had a diet coke since 6:30 this morning.  How many hours is that?  I mean other than too many.

All those pieces of junk.  Stupid cars.


See, it’s on accounta the fact that in my mind, I already don’t work here any more.

Oooh word searches!  I love those guys.

Dear Newt Gingrich, stop emailing me, I’m not giving your creepy ass any money.

It isn’t 42.